Forgive Others Because You Deserve A Serenity

There was a philosopher once said: 'Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve to be peaceful.' When she knows how to give up and forgive, your mind will become open, without the limit in hatred. You will then feel there are many things worth interesting for you to care and will also make more meaningful things. It is still a king when it was a dude who had to be lost in the country many times before returning Go to the Wang. Every time he was adjacent to death, he thought that one day he would definitely punish those who made he had to live in low ramples, making them suffer similar suffering

. However, one special thing caused him to change his thoughts. The day, while near a village, suddenly his team had liked guests. The quick-sensitive soldier used his body to save him, but the arrow robbed his life
After that, the dude learned and learned that liking the real people was a village person, even more was the neighbors of the hammy soldier. Many years later, the dude once again visited the village. He caught a special scene, when the soldier's mother was almost the food for the mother of guests. The dude asked why, and the mother answered: "After that incident, he fled and fleeing. His mother is getting sick, must live in poverty nothing to eat ... "Uncovered death:" But her son killed her son! "The mother's answer was Make the dude to remain silent: "It's all over. Get resentment of resentment, take revenge, only make hatred further. "The words of the mother have left for the dude to a profound lesson
His nation because of the deaths and clans to win the king, leading to turmoil, more than ever forgiveness than hatred. Since then, the dude has learned forgiveness Old enemies and get sympathy and support from officials and clans. He created his own future by forgiving and treating everyone well, whether it was an enemy. This is the power of goodness. In history there are many similar cases. Public repayment can forgive the management almost killed and killed the talent, thereby proclaiming the victims. Similar to the unexpectedly unexpectedly, there is a precious concentration, millions of water, such as standing. Han Tin credits the groin, but when the generals are rewarding the guy, say that, he is forged inner music. A thriller who knows for forgiveness to others will come out Optical of covers and walls. That aura lighted the people around and themselves. When a person actually forgiveness, no resentment is not hate, he will be able to feel the serenity from the bottom of his heart. They will be blessed and the road will stretch before the eye. On the contrary, a person who was full of hatred would never treat others, they were buried deep in the prison of resentment because they created themselves. The hatred flame will make them lose their minds, like a poisonous sword, not only causing others to be injured, but also harm the owner of it.Theo

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