Former Barca Coach Hides The Truth About Messi

Coach Ernersto Valverde refused to dig deep into the conflict in the Barca dressing room at the time he led this team. When ETB was asked about the conflict in the Barca dressing room, including Messi also led the Hall of Camp Nou, Coach Ernesto Valverde affirmed: "It is best to know the truth. I can't say public about this. That's part of the secret, it is best to let everything like that" .messi is Barca captain in the Valverde stage held

. The Spanish military leads Barca in the period of 2017-2020, helping the Camp Nou team to win La Liga twice (2017/18 and 2018/19) .Messi and Barca Championship La Liga twice under the time Valverde. Photo: Getty
However, Barca of Valverde defeated in the Champions League with a series of disappointing losses. Barca to AS Roma reverse defeated in the quarterfinals 2017/18 After winning 4-1 in the first step in Camp Nou. In the season 2018/19, Valverde's Barca won Liverpool 3-0 at home before losing 0 -4 at the turn in Anfield and was eliminated. By the 2019/20 season, Barca fired Valverde in January 2020 after the defeat against Atletico Madrid at the Spanish Super Cup. The successor Valverde is Quique Setien to lead Barca to a defeat of 2-8 before Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-finals season. After breaking up Barca, Valverde has not found a new job. Messi now left Barca after the contract expired. The Camp Nou team cannot retain "El Pulga" because of the financial situation. The Argentinian superstar joined PSG with a shirt 30.Mbappe MBappe Message created for Messi when playing Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi paired in Paris Saint-Germain's 2nd 2-year-old exercise (local time)

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