Former Flight Attendant ‘revealed’ Movement To Hold A Slender Shape After Birth

Although it was a mother's mother, the former air hostess of Asian Airlines still possessed a slim shape like a girl and liked to dress with sexy sexy.Le Phan Ngoc Lan, born in 1992, was former airline attendant airline Asian Airlines, there are a large number of followers on social networks. (Photo: FBNV) Currently, Ngoc Lan's personal page attracts more than 200 thousand plays Follow.After married and giving birth, she moves to online cosmetics business and takes care of your nest. Beautiful, Ngoc Lan is impressed by a slender physique and sexy dresses even though they have been the mother of the two kids

. Also regularly post the beauty secrets, keep the postpartum and get backing The enthusiasm of sisters. I'm a flight attendant, Le Phan Ngoc Lan is very strong because the problem keeps shaping. She always sets the beauty criteria for the top
Looking forward, keeping the beauty is also a way for her husband to always find yourself fresh and always spend compliments for your wife. , less starch, many salmon and drink more vitamins for elected mother so very little weight gain during pregnancy. Vehicles - Each movement performs 3 sets, resting 15 seconds, repeated from 10-15 times / set. Currently, she still maintains strict nutrition to keep shape. Thanks to that, she confidently insulted the costumes. The readers see more Video: Scandal of weight loss drugs in France (Video source: DTĐT) Thao Nguyen

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