Former Us President Trump, He Said He Used To Intend To The Coup

Former US President Donald Trump yesterday (July 15) said he did not intend to use the army to take control of the Government illegally after failing in the presidential election in 2020.0: 00/1: 26 Nuoc Nghiep Trump has launched a declaration of rejuvenating the information revealed in a new book, which mentioned concerns from the Chairman of the US Joint Stockship Council, General Mark Milley That the president was about to take a possibility of conducting a coup in the last weeks he was at home. President Donald Trump. Photo: BBCDonald Trump said he "did not participate in coups" and also "never threatened to perform or talk about a coup with anyone". Former President Trump added: "If I intend to conduct a coup, Mr

. Milley will be the last one I want to cooperate". How do I have a trump President still trying to maintain the influence on Republican party. Yesterday, he met the Republican leader (minority faction) at the US House of Representatives, Mr
Kevin McCarthy. Mr. Trump also strengthened the organization of public events and organized marches for his supporters across the United States.Hai Journalist Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker of Washington Post newspaper about to launch the book " I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump's Catastrophic Final Year "(Temporarily translated: I can fix the error: The horrific final year of Donald J. Trump). In which the authors revealed, Mr. Milley feared former President Trump or his allies could try to use the army to maintain power. Mr. Milley and other top officials have also outlined the strategy of preventing this ability
/. Hong Anh / (translation) according to AP

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