Forticated In July On Sunday 22/8, Should Offer Incense To Suit The Elegant Conditions

The full moon day in July has an important meaning in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. This year epidemics outbreaks, people restricted to travel, so shopping for offerings, the Vu Lan ceremony at the temples will simplify a lot. Why is the full moon day in July more specially different days? procedure and incense rituals due to the Venerable Venerable Thich Thanh Tu, the abbot of Quan Yong Pagoda Branding, Trung Nguyen also has other names such as Vu Lan secretion or calls Nom na as folk saying "daily daily crimes" , was conducted on the seventle day (July 15 lunar calendar). Member of Vietnam has just had the factors of Indian cultural origin (through Buddhism), there are cultural and belief factors Chinese. But no matter where it comes from, Trung Nguyen with Vietnamese is also the secret of the occasion of "criminal crimes" of the place

. Folk thinking that in July's full moon, every sinner, including the lenses of their families, their families are being imprisoned in hell will be occased from the hell to go to the ocean. Family celebrating incense, offering stock items for linh's relatives of their families. The ritual offering incense at home or at the temple, people don't forget to offer the linh "without the place "Also known as the" souls ", the item is the food of the poor such as porridge, sweet potatoes, boiled corn, burns, rice, salt
.. worshiping souls NO NOWs are also called offerings sentient beings, made outdoors, outside the door, don't worship in the house. Worship is to show people's compassional morality on the occasion of "psychotropic crimes". Feast for the full moon in July is done from home to outdoors: worshiping gods, worshiping and finally new offering Sentiment. The full moon day ceremony in July is not merely the demanding of the superstition that demonstrates the heart of the person living with the deceased, is also an opportunity to commemorate the people who have sacrificed for soil Water. Missing in July, in July, in the future, or salty? Depending on the circumstances of each family that prepare for the Feast of Flowers, incense, the lights, stocks and full moon crawls in July vegetarian or salty. In the middle of the tray Vegetarianism is often prepared to rise to the Buddhist altar, many families also prepare saline trays with many hearty dishes to worship spirits and ancestors with the conception of "Sao Sao Sao". Pre-bornes (soul) outdoors. People will prepare cheap items, often considered as the poor of the souls such as: Flower porridge (diluted rice porridge), salt and rice, cash, filtered water, potatoes, cassava, boiled corn , confectionery, burns, corps, fruits, candles, incense, can add coding
.. Usually the ritual offerings in July will take place from the 2nd day to 15 lunar days without seeing good or bad Because the old people are often conceive this is the time when Pluto to open the demonic subjects for the souls of the world and enjoy the ceremonies that the people offered to the city. Born outdoors according to the procedure and ritual rituals of Amitabha Amitabha Buddha! (3 times) Glasses: - Germany Bodhisattva's Bodhisattva - Germany False-sensei-fake-sensees: - He is a scene of Ho Chi Minh City - Mr. Native of the Linh Linh - He has a Military apple and all the gods Ruising in this country. Now is the full moon day in July ................... Iduine owners are ...................................................... .. .. ............................................................... Sincerely respect: On the occasion of the day of the marriage, the sound of the prison opening for the linh's deaths , no or no marma, lurks in the tree, grass dust, market, street, fragile, thin shirt, night wandering, around the year of welding, even though death for any reason is here Enjoy the ceremony of the petitioner's invite: rice, porridge, betel nut, salt rice, real flowers of golden money, green red clothes. Bless for bissionaries and whole people who are healthy, Loc tai vuong Tien, Gia Dao Hung Long, the good thing to bring, thing to bring. Thinking! Ngoc Khanh (T / H)

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