Found The Most Expensive Volkswagen Golf History, Also The Strongest Wagon Golf Ever Seen!

Compared with the new Golf R, Volkswagen Golf R Wagon has a lot of more goods containing the goods, specifically, the car trunk space reaches 611 liters when all seats are used, and up to 1,642 liters when folding chairs Last 9: 00/2: 23 Men's most practical version of Volkswagen Golf R 2022 can be called by one of the four names: wagon, combi, variant or estate. The car has a longer convertible with many interesting features, enough to become a more reasonable replacement for high-performance SUVs. Volkswagen Golf R Wagon R Wagon 2022 is not only shown in Ligger luggage compartment - 611 liter standards (1,642 liters when folding the end seat), but also in the appearance of the roof rails allow to carry more fixtures. The reality of the performance wagon is enhanced with Hanging hooks, luggage net with 12V, 230V drives. In addition, the new Golf R Wagon also features hands-free troubleshooting, dedicated controllers to extend and collapse the scissors

. With a larger size Golf R Variant MK7, the new generation Golf R Wagon also has a wider foot space for the following passengers. About the drive, similar to the hatchback version, Volkswagen Golf R Wagon 2022 is equipped with engine 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline for a capacity of 315 horsepower and maximum 420 nm torque, helping this car become the most powerful wagon ever by VW
Strong are sent to the cake Car via 4-wheel drive and 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Cars need 4.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, more than 0.2 seconds compared to hatchback, while the maximum speed is unchanged at 250 km / h or 270 km / h when the car is equipped Performance package Performance Package. With the above option, Volkswagen Golf R Wagon 2022 will also receive a new 19-inch la-zune instead of 18-inch standards, with special steering modes (Nürburgring) and new drift. The detailed price of Volkswagen Golf R Wagon 2022 has not yet been revealed, but it will be a little more expensive than the Golf R (price from 49,400 euros in Germany ~ 1,344 billion VND). Thus, the new Golf R Wagon will have the price exceeding the threshold of 50,000 euros (~ 1.36 billion VND), becoming the most expensive golf course ever.

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