Four Home Plus Real Estate Trading Floor Has New Business Manager

At the period of periodic business summing up June 2021, DHT Group - Four Home Real Estate Trading Floor announced and awarded the decision to appoint the Four Home Plus business director for Mr. Le Duc Thoai. Mr. Le Duc Thoai as Four Home PLUS Business Manager Four Homework and Human Resource Capacity, Board of Directors DHT - The Four Home Real Estate Trading Floor has decided to appoint Britain Le Duc Tho Four Home Plus Business Director Position, Mr. Pham Trung Hieu, Chairman of the Board of Directors DHT Group - General Director of Four Home Real Estate Trading Floor, awarded the appointment decision The telephone pear is appointed as the Four Home Plus business director

. The young officer has the ability, always enthusiastic and dedicated to the work, Le Mekong has been trusted by the leadership, assigned important. From the business staff, he was appointed a head of business department, director of business and the current director of the Four Home Plus real estate trading floor. This is the recognition of the group for those Le Duc Vuong's dedication effort during the past time
With its qualities, experiences and abilities, hope, the new director of Four Home Plus business will successfully complete the assigned tasks. The appointment Mr. Le Duc Vuong is the Four Home PLUS business director has contributed The whole organization, meeting the operation needs of the company, bringing the Four Home step further in the real estate market nationwide. It does not wait for the age of the business director of the real estate trading floor Top 10 Northern, honored "Typical Vietnamese real estate broker" is an important milestone of Le Duc Thoai at the age of 30. It is also a remarkable achievement that many young people only "dare to wish" but Do not "dare to do". Good karma of the International Trade Faculty, Trade University, Le Duc Thoai has experienced many different jobs to accumulate experience and capital. At the end of 2018, he had a daring decision to give up his job with a thousand-dollar salary to become a real estate consultant. At Four Home, there are many senior managers in the 9X generation. Although they are young experiences, living, they can be confident to walk out of their own "safety ring", boldly guarantee their responsibilities "standing with a chocolate". The dynamic, well-trained and well-advanced opportunities, Four Home facilitates the success of Le Duc Vuong
But the most important is the determination, his own non-stop action attempt. "As long as you have the ability and passion, Four Home is the launcher" - Tan Manager Four Home Plus sharing. Business Manager Four Home Plus is rated as a young staff capacity, knowledge Experiment. "Looking for true happiness", in addition to pursuing work, the lipkey is willing to give away more than what we have, balancing the company and family. He is also the one who created playgrounds and clubs to herself and entertainment colleagues after stressful work. Orientation towards development in the near future, Le Duc Thoai said: "I'm always aware Being that, pride with the responsibility. I pledged to strive to strive, well implement the assigned tasks, have improvements in business, improve sales for the company ". Performing miles starting from the first steps. Let's start today, just yourself trying to succeed, will certainly come.

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