Four Soldiers Were Killed, Russia Payed Fierce Blow With 35 Air Strikes

Four soldiers were murdered in an unexpected ambush. Russian aircraft immediately raided, 'rain bombs' hit the enemy's head. Non-rushing the operators of Syrian observations reporting, Russia's fighter aircraft made many airports aimed In the frontline of Kubanah in Jabl Al-Akrad in the northern rural Latakkia.Nga implemented 35 air strikes aimed at terrorist shelter positions. On July 20, the source from Syrian Observatory said Russia has implemented 35 airs that click on the shelter positions of IS terrorism on the Syrian desert

. The air strikes aimed at the cave and deck of IS terror in the eastern ham, Maadan desert in Al-Raqqh, east of desert Homs, area near Al-Bashry Mountain (in the middle of the administrative border Al-Raqqah and Deir Ezzor). At present, there are no reports of casualties. Before that, on July 19, 4 soldiers of the Syrian government were killed when the gunmen in the terrorist network was attacked in the Palmyra desert
Eastern Homs village. The Syrian Arraves were surprised and the soldiers were murdered. Since the beginning of July, the Russian air aviation force regularly deployed the air to suppress the terrorist IS in many areas . On July 9, the activists of the Syrian Observatory in the escalating area reported that Russian fighters bombarded Kubanah's war in Jabal Al-Akrad, rural northern Latikkia and Hash Joezief in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in Southern Idlib. On July 3, Syrian Observatory activists also recorded Turkey's forces to deploy troops to M4 highway, near a house Brick machines in Ariha city without clear reason. The deployment of Turkey coincides with the time of Russian fighters appearing in the region "Reducing escalation". The sources of Syrian Observatory also said that before that, Russian aircraft was actually Currently, there are two air-rouj al-shamali areas. Russian aircraft also shot 3 missiles into the civil defense center in Heikh Youssef, making it completely destroyed. However, up to this point no casualties are reported. The fierce competition is parallel to the activities of the Russian Aerospace forces, the Syrian government military also implements a wide range of sweeping campaigns
July 20, the Syrian Observatory said, in the "escalating area", the government troops attacked violently with Rocket in Banin, Mantaf and Fulifil in rural areas in South Idlib and other areas in Sahl Al-Ghab, Northwest Hama countryside. Others, factions have bombarded the forces of government troops in Bateik KAFR Battle, Southeast Idlib. At present, there are no reports on casualties. On July 19, fighting between factions also took place in Naour Joureen in the countryside in the northwest hama. The fighting made 11 injured people, including a very seriously injured child. In the attack aimed at the town of Ahsem, fighting also caused 8 casualties, including 4 women and 4 children. The party continuously attacked each other in the past days. The Syrian Observatory Recognize the attack with a heavy artillery of factions aimed at the towns of Joureen, Naour, Joureen and Al-Barakah village in the countryside in the northwest hama. A child was seriously injured in this attack. Factions must also receive a violent response from the government of Sahl Al-Ghab, Salanfah in Rural Latikkai. At present, the number of casualties has not been reported. Hoa An (according to SF)

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