Four Tiger Trang An – Term 3: Last Surname

One of the famous characters on the Court of King Le - Lord Trinh is the Liberal Letter of Family. He is important to spread 5 tide king, resounding talent, famous reputation.0: 00/7: 56 namdi domain history of the temple of the temple of a lot of people. Contemporary Religion is one of Tu Trang An Tiger. With special wisdom, talented judgment, Thuong Lai Nhu Dinh Hien also breaks the crimes

. Including rape cases, killing the body buried the monks of the wicked tiger. Family Faculty of the book "Chuong Chuong Chuong Chapter" Family famous for the Faculty of Faculty. Nhu Dinh Hien also has a copy of Tien Hien, is the third son of the progress, born in Ho Chi Minh City (1659) in Planning, Duong An district, now in Thai Hoc commune (Binh Giang - Hai Duong)
Family of the 17-year-old Hien Dinh, participating in the contest of incense, until the 5th year of Vinh Tri (1680), 21 years old Mr. Do Le Thua was drowned in Doctor. At the age of 26, hold the Faculty of Middle School. When 34 years old, he was governor of Kinh Bac, and threw Son Nam. By 39 years old, Chinese porcelain, Phong Huu Lang. Then do the position of the topography. Nguyen Con 19 people. When the child gives the public with the public (Ngoc Thien, Gia Dinh district), Nguyen Cong Xáan (Thuong Yen Quyet commune, Tu Liem district) Do Dr. Code (Hoang Giap) ". Also in that exam, though No high levels, but Duong Hien also participated in Do Dat, making the globery, the people known by their lives
Five Armor Thin (1664) King Le Huyen Tong. He makes up to the Faculty of Faculty of Middle School and Thailand. His son is Nhu Dinh Hien, serializing the example of a father, good learning, the execution of Do Dat. The serial relationship has a serious relationship called Nhữ Đình Hiền is the intention of entering the exam board of the contest in you (1733) Life of King Le Thuan Tong, doing matters of porcelain concerns. The thing of Nhu Dinh Hien is the right to Dinh Toan (after changing is the righteousness) Do Chuan Nguyen Doctor Nguyen Doctor of the Year of Binh Thin (1736) King of Le Y Tong, matters of the Infantry of the Infantry cum to practice and take care of. Ba Trach Hau. After changing to Vo Ban, making a performance and up to the governor of the Admiral, deprivation of the Family. Mr. Do Diha borders Dr. Doctor (Hoang Giap) Department of Festival of Nham Thin (1772) King Le Hien Cung, after mandaring the instructional in Thi Thai Thi Crystal, Huangi Lang The holiday. The cruise, including the evil incident to bury the body. Photo illustration. If the judgment is like the Legend of Planning Village - where to enroll in the first hien hien. is Nam Tu village, Kien Thiet commune, Tien Lang district, Hai Phong). The watermen is a Nhu Van Lan, Passing Dr. Doctor of the Quarter of the 1463 of the Legend of Le Thanh Tong. He was the grandfather of Nguyen Binh Khiem. The family lines are present in Plan Trach village (now Thai Hoc Commune, Binh Giang District) when the second son of Dr. Nhu Van Lan is Nhu Huyen Minh as Tri Ngan district migrate here. The voice was the leader of the law, the fair trial, the right people on the right crime, the main thing was very devoted to the people, the people would praise. Not only at the anecdote, the name Nhu Dinh Hien has also been able to use the orthodox book to record very completely about the breakdown, flexible and uplifting courtes. For normal cases, dinh Dinh Hien Ly Quickly Concerning reasonable expression of Legends and is highly deterrent. With complicated cases of long-standing outstanding cases, he handled in its own way and was seriously investigated, found Just persuade. The most voice is a case that lasts up to 6-7 years, through many galvies but has not found the culprit. When Nhu Dinh Hien was delivered to break the case, only in a very short time he clarified. Doium history says: Nguyen has a sister because she gets sick, so missing. Two houses are slightly far away. For several days, many days did not see his wife back, her sister who sued her husband, so that her husband was arrested in the prison. Next to each other, but the evidence was not in hand, work It is stagnant to six, seven years but still has not been disciplined. Earlier when the sentence was taken to the top of the Letter of Figures of Dinh Hien, did not rely on the previous shaped supplies of economic concerns through this case. The adoption of themselves want to find realistic evidence to convince to answer all. When seeing the land length surrounding about the house of the two sisters, he saw a temple outside the terrestrial fields Deficose side when going to the house of her sister must go through it. Wewing, surely the girl

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