Fragrant Flower Packs In The Memory Domain

The old Hanoi people often use flowers on the plate to burn incense on the squirrels and hope. This is an elegant beauty in the customs of the ceremony of the colonial people towards the Supreme and Fairies. On the altar of the old Hanoi families, in addition to the offering queue, certainly there must be a pure water cup and a flower plate.0: 00/2: 54 namhoa region of Hanoi package with many types of flowers to contribute to But all must be fresh and fragrant. Which season is with special special things

. Summer, Dragon Nail Flowers and Ngoc Lan bring sweet, deep aroma. Lastly lowered, early revenue, flowers and flowers are gentle with a brilliant form. To collect, the golden royal lines brought the fragrance of teenagers and delicately
The mildment is small, every time it comes to the full moon, one or the death anniversary, I often follow my mother to buy a Feast of Feasts. After full shopping, my mother often went to buy the flower of a grandmother sitting at the market corner. She gently hatched two green leaves together, and then picked up the beautiful flowers with beautiful colors placed together. After that, she softened outside with a fibrillation, then a different layer into the flower package, giving the buyer. Up to now, I still remember the little joy when I was taken to increase the flower package to help my mother. Going to the house, my mother opened the flower package, "rinse" through the rainwater, quietly showed a plate of Porcelain Porcelain Lam and Thanh Glass put on the spanch. Brilliant flower discs like a flower garden with yellow flower of flowers, royal lanes, the white of Ngoc Lan, the fresh red of Hong Que, crested chicken, form, white of daisies ... the aroma of the species Occasionally put in the wind with a crushed incense, causing the spiritual space to be very pure
Ha Noi "Ho Tinh Quarter, Real Estate". The tray of the full moon day, the one is usually fresh fruits, the flower plate, a clean water cup is enough. Sometimes, my mother cooks with rabbits, frowned flowers or criminals. In the smoke of flavor, my mother became glasses for the two words of peace for the great family. It was quite a special thing, the old Hanoi people often show flower discs on the spanch to go to the squirrel, hope later. The flowers although wilted dry on the plate but still quietly scented that the worship room was always pure. I remember Huong Hoang Lan and Ngoc Lan spread every time she entered the worship room. Perennial people in Ha Thanh will know about the flower market in Ngoc Ha village. Market is often gathered at dawn. Ngoc Ha Flower Village appeared from the end of the Ly and was already located right on the upper garden, north of Thang Long. In the folk also covers the song: "The full moon on the market to buy flowers / must wait to see the pearl peapug to buy" ... Life changes, now, the flower of Ngoc Ha village is only in the memories of people Love the flower. If you have a lot of time, there is a time for my heart to find it rarely to meet the flower package on Hanoi street. Remember, the last time I bought the flower package of a lady sitting in the corner of the street and sweet potatoes. Hanoi people switch to plugs plush flowers on the worshiping board like roses, lys, chrysanthemum ... Although knowing that, no matter which flowers are rising, they also show their minds and wishes of the owner. But, when looking at those vases, I kept a sad, regretful to remember the beautiful little flowers packed in the leaves of green, fragrant in a distant memory area.

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