France And Some European Countries Coordinate To Establish Common Diplomats In Afghanistan

Some European countries are discussing the opening of a common diplomatic ministry in Afghanistan, which allows European ambassadors to return to Southwest Asia countries. This is a new information that French President Emmanuel Macron confirms on 4/7. / 12.Lurths in the green area, where the headquarters of many embassies and foreign diplomatic missions in Kabul, Afghanistan after the Taliban Declaration of capital control, August 15, 2021. Photo: AFP / TTXVNSau when the Taliban returned to in power in Afghanistan from mid-August, the US and Western countries closed the embassies and withdrew diplomats to the country

. Last time, these countries considered how to contact the Taliban without recognizing the new government in Afghanistan. Demonstrate the press in Qatar doha, when on the way to visit Saudi Arabia, President Macron Indicates that European countries are considering the establishment of a common diplomacy and located in a place in Afghanistan so that ambassadors return to work in this country. According to him, the establishment of a diplomatic organization does not mean recognition or participate in dialogue with the Taliban but to quickly bring representative to this country as soon as possible
However, the parties will have to consider the security issues. Before that, after the talks with the Taliban about a week ago, the European Union (EU) also signaled to establish a sect. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Afghanistan. Accordingly, the EU negotiation delegation mentioned the ability to establish a minimum presence agency in the capital Kabul but does not mean recognizing the new Afghan government. This plan will directly depend on the security situation as well as decisions of control forces in Kabul to ensure safety for EU diplomats and facilities in Afghanistan.Le Anh (VNA)

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