France Calls Him To Open Legal Migration Routes To Refugees

French officials have proposed immigrant officials he resolves asylum applications in northern France for migrants who are camping around the main ports of France. Migrants are taken to the beach in Dungeness, Southeast region England, after being rescued in Channel Strait, on November 24, 2021. (Photo: AFP / VNA) On November 29, the French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin urged him to open a legal migration route for refugees to prevent them from dosing to sail through the Manche Strait area to Go to England. Interview, Minister Darmanin said he needed to establish a legal migration route, because at the present time, anyone who wants to register for a refugee is forced to go through the Strait above . Environment, French officials have proposed immigrant officials he to settle asylum applications in northern France for migrants who are camping around the main ports of France

. 28/11, Minister French Affairs Gerald Darmanin has met with ministers in charge of migrants of Germany, Netherlands and Belgium in Calais Harbor, northern France, a few days after the occurrence of 27 migrants killed in the waist Sea Manche. At this meeting, the parties agreed to strengthen cooperation to prevent the migrant trafficking gangs through narrow but full of danger in the middle of France and England This european border protection agency (Frontex) will deploy a surveillance aircraft that operates all day and night to support French, Dutch and Belgian police, from December 1 to the meeting. , Minister Darmanin said that he loosened the labor policy as the cause of migrants in northern France wanted to search for a job
From the beginning of the year until now, about 26,000 migrants tried to cross the waist The Manche Sea from France to England. The group of traffickers used Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany made the area to organize activities. These gangs are said to bring migrants from Belgium to northern France areas, while they buy life jackets in the Netherlands and Germany to avoid suspicion. To solve this situation, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed police and border guards to coordinate patrols with French forces in Northern French waters. However, France rejected this proposal. In 2020, France received 80,000 asylum applications, while this number in the UK was 27,000./. Dang anh (VNA / Vietnam)

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