France Recommends Nato Discussing New Strategic Concepts

18/9 day, French Foreign Minister Le Drian Jean-Yves said Paris would discuss the new strategic concept of the Organization North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) recommendations on new strategic .de held in the context of France's investigation during the crisis with the US, which has formed strategic partnerships with London and Canberra's new behind minh.Ngoai ally of France chief Jean-Yves Le Drian. (Source: AFP) Speaking on television channel France 2, Mr Le Drian stated: "At the request of the President of the Republic (France), NATO has initiated a discussion about his concepts. Summit the next NATO in Madrid will be based on a new strategic concept

. Obviously, what happened will involve the definition of it ".In France the previous chief described the Australia not to reveal information to France decision to break the submarine deal was a "breach of trust" and a "stab behind" .According to the contract signed in 2016, France is expected to give Australia 12 submarine combat run Barracuda
Hom class diesel by 17/9, Paris for the first time in history recalled its ambassadors from Washington and Canberra after discovered that Australia break the contract with France to purchase submarines submarines by replacement of nuclear energy in the partnership agreement with the UK and US trilateral (AUKUS) .date 19/9, the French government spokesman Gabriel Attal notice Total privation Emmanuel Macron g of this country will have a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Joe Biden in a few days because of the diplomatic crisis between the two countries co minh.Phat told BFM TV news channel, spokesman Attal for or Paris would seek "clarity" about Australia canceled an order submarines trilateral security agreement with the US and the UK. (according Sputniknews)

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