France Was’ Dismissed The Edge “when G7 Discussed Aukus Agreement Since June

According to Sunday Telegraph (England), French President Emmanuel Macron did not know anything about the US-Australia-English-British Security Treaty (Aukus), when the agreement was made discussed at the last G7 summit American President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Australia Scott Morrison and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the announcement of Aukus Agreement. Photo: Reuters France is the most unexpected country and the most angry opposite of the US, British, Australian leadership on September 15 to set up Aukus. The newly introduced agreement has deprived the law of the 46 billion US dollar contract to provide submarines for Australia. In fact, France was dismissed to this security initiative right at the Summit Group 7 Fa Truc industrial water (G7) was held in Cornwall, England, last June. The conference was assessed to be successful, with the communication describing the relationship in G7 as "brotherhood"

. However, there are still narrow contacts on the sidelines. Burning the meeting between President Joe Biden with British Prime Minister Borris Johnson and Prime Minister Australia Scott Morrison. Here, the three leaders discussed the US Agreement, England assisted Australia to develop nuclear submarines - the main point in Agreement Aukus
According to Sunday Telegraph, all documents, information related to Aukus at this G7 conference are "fascinating". According to the plan in Aukus, the US and UK in the next 18 months will meet Canberra's expectations. About master submarine. Technical expert groups, strategies of the three countries will work, cooperate at a base in Adelaide. Australia expects to own 8 nuclear submarines closed in Adelaide. I immediately have a harsh reaction right after the US, England, Australia to the establishment of Aukus, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian describes decision The unreemy of the US, England, Australia about Aukus is the 'action stabbed behind the back ". He said Australia betrayed the trust of France and this was not the way the Allies behave with each other. 9, the President Macron ordered summoned French ambassadors in the US and Australia to the country immediately to consult after the America made a new alliance with Britain and Australia, causing Canberra to cancel the Order of French submarine. Bar / newspaper news

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