Franch Health: Male Exposes Signs Of Morning Sickness, In Danger Because Of Being Followed By Strangers?

In the Taste Love Part 2 Episode 52, Thy (Thu Quynh) Looking at the lesson about hating sister-in-law, and Nam (Phuong Oanh) also shows signs of morning sickness: 00/3: 40 nampreview domain Taste part 2 episode 52 has just been announced by the station this morning. Tracking the latest excerpts, the audience is not happy for the couple "Shark" Long (strong school) because in this episode, male "giò" (Phuong Oanh) begins to show signs of morningness. Case in a situation Male calls him birth (Vo Hoai Nam) to urge him soon, she has already lamented that his stomach was hungry. Immediately he gave birth to the South: "The children are hungry before eating, don't have to wait for me. More and more

." The short film was only about 10 seconds but immediately had many people strange. Specifically, the bride of the royal family revealed the pale face to lack vitality, the skin was turned away. In addition, the male coal is hungry with a rake, sometimes uncomfortable dizzying flowers, the very high possibility is morning sickness
It's on the 10th film trailer, fans have "standing sitting uneasy" before love The male pregnant and the mother-in-law is Ms. Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) "lift as a lift of eggs, excitedly like flowers." After that, the behind-the-scenes image showed that male gourd to "surpass" also leaked on social networks. Thus, male stories discovered that there will be good news that will soon happen in the set to. However, the most worrying thing is that it seems that male is being followed by a stranger. The distant corner in the male stood outside the calling corridor shows that staring staring towards her. Does this danger come from Mr. Tan (NSS Man Phong) and his raft of his limbs? Because it is also in the love of part 2 episodes 52, he gave him the enemy again. Also from this conversation, he knows that Dung (Sy Hung) is an intestine of the attack. He was born clearly the shock, unable to believe this because he was Mr
Thang's intestinal disciple - Dad Bow Thy (Thu Quynh) .Kinh terrorly, older attacks, admitted that I killed Mr. Thang. However, he was not afraid of, and the challenge was reversed to see if he had evidence, did he do it. In addition to the story he had no evidence, the reason why he told him to be confident that his position and he was born now changed 1 sky, while he had money with the right, he was born just the one in prison, no one believed that of a person like him was born. Finally, he asked him to give birth to his hometown, bringing his mother Bich (Tu Oanh) according to always: "Don't go back and back, vu oan The price for others, let me move away! ". Maybe after this talk, he was beaten by his man. So he dodged the male when the daughter asked why she hadn't come home. Although he was determined to hide, he still discovered abnormalities and insisted on checking his father's pain. As a result, men saw his arms born with big bruises, making her extremely painful and indignant. Not just worried about him, the south also faces bone hatred from the bride . Finally, the two royal strawberries had a straight-face conversation at the HF company office. Male came to meet Thy, smiling asked: "It's never hated before Thy I hate you?" Hearing here, Nam strictly asked again: "Why is that?" Thy immediately countered: "For all that doesn't happen in my life there is her appearance." Will after the conversation of this smell "gunpowder", have the relationship between Nam and Thy "Toang"? In another development, Ms. Xuan went to see Ba Sa to try to find a way to reconcile Between 2 families. But Ms. Sa resolutely did not accept, confirming that the male - Thy Chung lived less than 1 roof was impossible. "You're regretting the strawberry, and I also caught my child ?. Pick up the thy about this side is the whole line," Ms. Sa said. Seeing the attitude of attempts to handle his body, Ms. Xuan is very difficult to treat. See details Flavor in part 2 episodes 52 will air tonight on VTV1.

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