Franch Transfer 2 Episode 15: Moles, War Disclosure Of Prisoner

In the 'Flavor "part 2 episode 15, Diep peeking mother went to erase the mole' Loc ', the battle' dog 'extorted Mr. Tan, revealed the question he did not kill people, imprisoned oan.0: 00 / 3: 57 NAMVIDEO: The important scenes in the "Flavor Love" Part 2 Episode 1500: 00/01: 24Trong Flavor Part 2 Episode 14 Broadcast On August 16, to have the opportunity in the South ( Phuong Oanh) and was done to "turn green light", Long (strong school) of Dad's place, carrying a grandmother and south to the dear club for old people. Here, Ms. gradually (NSND Nhu Quynh) facilitates his child to reach the girl to approach the girl in his heart

. He regrets about the old, Long said: "Maybe that day you have to be more fierce." Because his love is not big enough, he is not fierce. And also true, the moment we are not determined
I don't blame you, "Male gently. She suggested:" From now on, don't find a way to approach you anymore, don't do anything for your family. I hate the most feeling, you know ". In this conversation, Long Ask Nam:" I also do you love me?". Her silence, hesitating for a long time might make Long guess she was still weighing with me. Don't answer straight, male says: "But or don't mean anything?" "It makes sense to him" - and Long admitted: "I don't forget me!" Then when I returned home, She gradually tried to "push the boat" for her loving boy. When Long said both men and men need more time because she still hasn't forgotten the words with his family before, the instructor advised: "Hey, I don't remember the teachers, married to marry . Do you do such a quick business, but why in this, I'm so slow? At the same time, I do it as a Huy with a thy, marrying both buffaloes and nghés. "Also in this episode, Diep (Ngoc Bich) was discovered by Dung (Song Hung) who was peeking at the company. She panicked on a motorbike running back to where she worked, unexpectedly enjoying chasing in place
At home, she confided to her sister that even though he had been badly treated, the love for Dung still did not fade. The relationship between Ba Sa (Thu Hanh) and Mr. Tan (Ho Phong) was not advanced Add any steps. Mr. Tan affirmed that it only loves everything she only loves her and decided not to let go, while the woman attaches to the woman, do not want the ancient lover to the lives of his mother's mother. Flies in the "Flavor Love" Part 2 Episode 15.The Taste Part 2 Episode 15 has a "big event" related to Diep. Trailer shows the scene of her wearing a hat, wearing a mask standing in the garden, always trying to turn his back towards her mother and says drums: "Na this year Many flowers are". I saw my mother in front of him, she turned from the na to mango tree and stalks saying: "Mom and mother give me a mango". Diep's suspicious attitude of Diep, how can I go to Ba Bich's face. She shouted: "turned the face here," then the curainage stripped the daughter's masks. Seeing the medical tape in the position of the mole, she raised her hand, indeed the mole was no longer. Fear afraid of her mother's eyes, because how much longted, she went to me The big mole on his chin but she didn't bleach for fear of losing money. Because of this mole, she is often teased, deposited in the past few years. And even though it was molted by aesthetic surgery, Diep was always afraid to take the mole to cover the mole every time he met again, afraid of it he realized her. Meet an event. While going to the construction site where sisters worked, severe construction materials fell from the high floor to the right place where Diep was standing in the horrific scream of the South. "Dogs" call for Mr. Tan. Another situation, the "dog" to call Mr. Ton: "Does Then's wife (Dad's father) know what you killed her husband?" This question caused him to say who he asked. The battle "dog" told his name and said: "Heard your life is good. If there is a problem, it is probably sorry," "What do you want?", Mr. Tan asked, and at this time he was born (Vo Hoai Nam) goes to the battle, hearing his answer: "Two billion, otherwise I will reveal a secrecy of the sky related to the prisoner to replace you". Diep has a serious injury In the accident? He was born to realize the truth of the previous year and knew who he had to sit in prisoner in prison? Look for answers in the love flavor Part 2 episode 15, broadcast on VTV1 at 21:00 on Tuesday 17 / 8.

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