Frantful Teachers: Really Damage Ms. Bich Worshiping Her Husband, Causing The Netizens To Argue

In Friendship Part 2 Episode 15, Mr. Tuan's worshiping photo - Ms. Bich's husband (NS Tu Oanh) gives a lot of controversial audiences. In the flavor of part 2 episode 15, Ms. Bich (NS Tu Oanh) booming violently when discovering Diep (Bich Ngoc) stealthily erased the "Phuc - Loc - Tho" mole

. She lamented that it had to spend a lot of effort to retain the mole when Diep performed a plastic surgery to completely change the face. Because this is a mole will help Diep with a good postgraduate. Because of the daughter of the gut, Ms
Bich dumped all the sin to the head of the male daughter (Phuong Oanh). She said that men did not want to Diep than they should seduce Diep to erase the mole. She also sat imagined that Diep was covered with falling into the head of fainting. Ban Bich also specially went to burn incense for the lost husband - Mr. Tuan (NSND Justice) so he blessed for Diep did not encounter uncertainty . Because if Diep has anyone, no one will burn incense to Mr. Tuan. This is quite normal film that causes fierce controversy on social networks. Causes because some netizens doubt Mrs. Bich worshiped her husband
Many people affirmed that the picture of the worship appeared in the love flavor Part 2 Episode 15 was not Mr. Tuan because the NSND justice was a person Other, even netizens also affirmed that people in the picture are Mr. Sinh (Vo Hoai Nam's NSS). Netizens argue watching people in the picture are Mr. Tuan or not. Some others identify people in the photo The true worship is Mr. Tuan because of the hairstyle to a smile with many points very similar to the real life of the NSND of Justice. However, because the worshiping photo is quite dim and small so the audience has not yet given the final conclusion That Ms. Bich really worshiped her husband or not. This question must only be answered when the Film Film Film Lovely launches a clear image and confirms who in the picture is Ai. Many people think that smiles, face lines, hairstyles in pretty photos Just like NSND justice real life. On the Diep side, she is not black enough to fall into the head as the mother imagined but in Preview the flutter of part 2 episode 16, she had a great trouble in the job. Get a mission of looking at a student from parents to pick up late, but she carelessly let her play a baby to slide alone, and he herself stood in the gate of the Poetry School. When parents come to pick up are also the children falling to the ground and crying: "Pain too, I hurt my mother!" And Diep - Male's sister was facing the attacking attack of "Shark". Long (strong school). Being cared on motorbikes, Long pretended not used to hugging her waist. It was arrested by the South to be taken away, Long showed a close expression but then happily reminded the past of two people: "Hey This, do you remember the lake? The time I thought I suicide Should jump down to save her. Who doubts a delicious jam! "Nam and Long kept caught up in each other even though she wanted to break completely with the past. Male did not know that the dangers involved in the departure lurks around her. The battle of "dog" (NS Anh Tuan) when he was kicked out of the house, he had threatened the opposite: "Where is it safe here safely? I'm with him as a debt. You chase me, me Will tell me male, he is his father. Then see, the enemies both are old and can I get your child? "How many enemies are old? What do those people want to pursue what he was born? How to ever battle "dogs" to reveal the fact that he was born was the one who had to go to prison instead of Mr. Tan (Ho Phong NS?)? When I discovered the person who had a prisoner of prison is his father, how will male will react? The fertilization of the next episodes was broadcast at 21:00 from Monday to Friday on VTV1 channel .

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