Frantful Temperature: The Whole Liver Trick Her Husband, Male Is Long Doing This

In Preview Flavor Friends Part 2 Episode 30, Nam (Phuong Oanh) specially made Shipper to put things to the company for Long (strong school) .0: 00/3: 27 nampreview domain Flavor part 2 episode 30 Sink in the sweet honey of Son Nam couple and Long (strong school). Male put it to the room to work for Long and happy laughing said: "Shipper here!" At the naughty of his wife, "Shark" Long pretended to be fierce: "Great, dare to trick her husband? Eat Shipper always. Go here! ". As I finished, Mr

. Nghiep Nam entered the room and looked at her with the eyes of "flaming", and asked his wife: "Why, do you like to trick?" When Long was happy to kiss his wife's neck, male must remind the husband still forgot close the door. Long kicked the door room to create a separate world for 2 people. Does Long really "eat" male right at the company like his "threatened"? The return of men at Long House Company makes people happy
Hong - Old colleague of Nam Honily asked her: "I'm going to return here to be a deputy deputy right?" Male asked who was the rumor of this belief, Hong declared himself to be predictable by him As "Gia Cat" Hong.Hong added: "Firstly, I'm a royal family strawberry. Monday, I am beautiful and smart. Now, I don't come back as a hostess, but also Not kidding, I'm going back here to regain the position, don't let people take it right and aborted. But you said that you know who you're saying. Not alone me People in this company don't like any sisters ". People who are talking bad are no one else is Thy's sister (Thu Quynh). The guy was "unexpectedly" without discovering that Thy was standing in a corner of hearing all. In another situation, Ms. Xuan (NS Quach Thu Phuong) was jealous when he saw Mr
Khang (NSS Trinh Mai Nguyen) special treatment with another woman. As president but he gangs down to the door to see this woman, even opening the door of the car and bending his car. " Not angry. He calmly replied: "Yes. People are very special. Miss ladies, successful entrepreneurs. Rarely women can perfect like her." Ms. Xuan did not lose to the counterattack: "Is that so? But still lower than me" .No just supervise my wife when dealing with Miss Ladies, earlier in the love of part 2 episode 29, Mr. Khang It also took care of the company to work, and let her go to school a management course without discussing with Ms. Xuan. He is still sweet to remind Ba Xuan to balance the house to create conditions for daughter-in-law to go to school. Spring is very frustrating when he is too biased south to her daughter-in-law "one step to the clouds" while thy from After marriage, it must try its best to step forward. But Mr. Khang coldly announced that herself did he had thoroughly calculated, not sympathetic action. Thy not only sad because of her husband biased sister-in-law, she was heartbreaking when midnight rushing Hero to save "green tea" should be arrested on the ward. After guaranteed for her husband, Thy almost crazy when she knew her husband sneaked for Thuy Duong (Shu Anh) sleeping overnight at the store. She annoyed to drink alcohol to drunk.Khi Huy took Thy home, South ran out of helping but was uncomfortable. It must be very difficult to bring Thy to go home. After the next day, Thy asked to see Thuy Duong and chased her "green tea". Thy's actions make Huy hurt and hurt. Initially, he was happy because he was jealous because she loved her husband, she was jealous. However, now, it was so bad that it was because there was no faith in England. Furthermore, the cause of Thy uncomfortable with the whole world does not seem to be because of the male - Long husband and wife. The next episodes are broadcast at 21:00 from Monday to Friday on VTV1 channel. Chau

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