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Trailer Episode 41 of the Taste Part 2 has just been revealed that the male falls into an awkward situation when the whole family knows his birth and the past - her father 'hidden'. 0:00 / 1: 49 NAMTRAILER Episode 41 is posted as soon as Episode 40. Opening is the Dung Dung to talk to Thy: "I am a daughter-in-law, how much talent is just a person who works Wages at the husband's house ". Just then, Huy came out and heard the story, the hall went out to two sisters Thy.huy pretended not to hear still greeted her well

. But looking at her husband's face, Thy would guess some of the story. She smiled and told my sister to say anything, but I would like to overlook. In another movie scene, when the whole house she gradually sat and talked happily, Sam held the phone ran out and told men: "Nam Oh, Is this a person who carries his home to his house for me? "/ Source: VTV on the Livestream Show the image of Biên Biếng Biếng Bánh Battle dogs to create Urine
Sam saw the image, asked again with a sentence of avocado: "Do you play with the society? Bear?" He Khang heard through the sudden face and seemed to worry and worry. When placed in the context of awkwardness before her husband's family, while Ms. Xuan was curious, took the phone on the South's hand to see and utter up: "Why is this whole head?". Long revealed her face just angry, and worried because he knew he was born as the male bowel. The clip of his birth and "dog" online, and who other than the couple ton - SA? Is it After knowing how he was born, how would his family think about men? Are you still lovingly affected by my husband's house? In another development, in the love of part 2 episode 41, Huy also started listening and feeling more many things from his wife's family. " Love taste "Part 2 episode 41 (Episode 112) Broadcast on September 23 on Wave VTV1.Phan Nguyen

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