‘fred The Great’ Set Up Super Product, Man United Won The New Teacher

In Fred's goalkeeper Vicente Guaita goalkeeper, Vicente Guaita's goalkeeper in the 77th minute of Fred was worthy of winning MAN United before Crystal Palace, won the first 3 points under the New Year of Ralf Rangnick. Prime Ministers of Crystal Palace debt at the 15th Premier League round on Old Trafford, Man United has spent more than 90 minutes extremely difficult to the team they could not win at the last two phens. At the owner of Man United's homeowners to launch a home audience, Ralf Rangnick temporarily rangnick is almost reserved for the OLE Gunnar Solskjaer and Michael Carrick, just replacing Digo Dalot defenders And Alex Telles for force majeure reasons. Even Ronaldo had been rumored to have a standing place under the new teacher, also appeared in the starting lineup rather than the knee injury after "double" against Arsenal two days ago.Ronaldo actively robbed The shadow, supporting the Man United house demonstrates a new appearance, a fighting spirit of fire is determined from every position on the field and fully overwhelmed the Crystal Palace visitors right after the opening whistle

. Only unfortunately Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, Alex Telles until Diogo Dalot had a chance to finish but not once made it difficult to do Vicente Guaita in the Crystal Palace in the first half of 1.Bruno Fernandes, in the attack Before Crystal Palaceman United continued to maintain the pressure on the Crystal Palace yard after the break but with a decrease in intensity due to high efficiency. Even a few minutes after Alex Telles kicked the cross, Man United's goal was to vibrate after Jordan Ayew minutes of Jordan Ayew, Jordan Ayew narrowly scored for PaCem to 78 minutes, from a mix The right side with Diogo Dalot, the player to replace the Mason Greenwood has paid a very delicate ball to Fred to perform technical tires from outside of the penalty area, defeat the village of the Vicente Guaita of Palace
pha The ball put the ball into Fredphian Palace's Palace to help Man United win the 2-0 victory, temporarily through Arsenal to climb on the 6th place on the rankings. The army of coach Ralf Rangnick currently has 24 points after 15 games, only 3 points from the top 4 points, the distance of a won.ba player participates in the goal together to celebrate FRED to play more and more confidence, become Man United's important chain of the best praise from the new German and media teacher for Fred, who always showed a pale face under the former coach Solskjaer but knew how to shine in two matches The closest match. After the creation to Bruno Fernandes to score against Arsenal 2 days earlier, Fred had set up in front of Crystal Palace, which he had never done in the last two seasons before. With the impressive performance mentioned above, the professionals trust Fred will continue to shine in Man United's color under the reign of the new coach Rangnick.HLV Rangnick to encourage the player after the victory to lose 1-2 on the courtyard Aston Villa in the match that coach Brendan Rodgers has many decisions that are difficult to understand the starting lineup of "foxes". Meanwhile, even though Harry Kane was really impotent to Tim Krul goalkeeper's talent, his teammate Lucas Moura, Davanson Sanchez and Son Heung-min turned scoring to help Tottenham win 3-0 against the team Last Table Norwich.Tong Linh - Photo: Reuters

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