Free Vegetable Stalls Warming People Of Two People Working In Mid-season

In addition to doing cleaning jobs, daily, two sisters of urban environmental workers are very early, regularly put vegetables and fruits for many people, helping difficult circumstances in Hanoi. About 5:30 In the morning, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoan (49 years old) and Ms. Nguyen Thi Luong (46 years old) is an environmental worker of Hanoi Urban Environmental Company Limited again on a vegetable, free fruit on a street corner of the capital. In this morning (August 19), the sisters chose a place in Bao Linh Street (Phuc Tan District, Hoan Kiem District), where it was close to disadvantaged households and isolated areas

. To prepare thoroughly, The sisters said the amount of money was the benefactors of support and individuals and people and went to buy vegetables and fruits near the house, partly picked up in his garden. After gathing enough quantity will move to the spontaneous point notice in advance to the relatives so that it can be taken for free. Only after a few minutes of free vegetables opened, some people were present to receive vegetable bundles Freshly clean
People who come to queue increase, they constantly remind people to make a distance. Nguyen Thi Ngoan said to wake up 3am from the beginning of this charity. "Normal every day 5h started cleaning jobs until 2pm for resting. When I started charity work, I woke up at 3am to go to the market near the house to buy vegetables and fruits. , Good sister said. Charferential work requirements from 5pm, so 2 sisters must take turns of 1 person who supports cleaning the route so that the rest of the vegetables for everyone. "During the way of stretching, they I still have to go to the way to work and see more difficult circumstances than I should decide to contribute a bit to support everyone across the Covid-19 pandemic ", Sister is sharing more. Urgently to avoid crowded gathers. There are many kinds of people for people to choose accordingly. It is known that the free vegetable stalls of the workers, many people hurriedly recognized
Fun and thrilled when I received my vegetables. "I am very happy and surprised when the vegetarians are free for the people who are two of the workers. Vegetables are still very fresh and green, I'm grateful Lo for the people here in this difficult circumstances, "said H. share. After allowing the vegetables in your stall to everyone on the neighborhood, the workers started the daily work myself, beautiful street capital of Thu Do.duy Pham

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