French-american Leaders Will Soon Discuss The Stress Of The Submarine

At the upcoming reciprocal, French President Macron will ask US President Biden to clarify US-ANH-Australia partnerships, which makes Canberra decide to withdraw from the agreement to buy the submarine of Paris.0: 00 / 2: 20 Northern French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden will talk to resolve tensions related to Australian submarine sales contract. (Photo: AFP) The French spokesman Gabriel Attal on September 19 announced that the European President Emmanuel Macron and the American co-postman Joe Biden will conduct telephone in the next few days in the context of stress flare up. to a contract to buy and sell submarines. According to Gabriel Attal, American and French leaders will have a telephone exchange at Biden's recommendation

. The opinion, Mr. Macron will ask the US President to "clarify" later Declaring the establishment of the US-English-Australian Security Partnership (Aukus) in the Indian Ocean-Pacific, whereby Aukus allowed the US and he provided to Australia technology and vessels deployment Underground nuclear, which makes Canberra decide to withdraw from the paris submarine purchase agreement. Gabriel Attal declares France "Need explanations from the US
" The above announcement was given a day after France summoned Dai The country's porcelain in the United States and Australia returned to the country, demonstrating dissatisfaction for the US and Australia secretly negotiated, leading to Canberra cancellation of institutions h I bought the French submarine. Before the same day, Australia's defense minister Peter Dutton explained the cause of canceling a submarmiary contract with France. Dutch said his government was "straightforward, open and middle Really "with France that they are concerned about the above agreement, capital exceeds the budget and is much slower than the plan." With the situation changes in the Indian Ocean-Pacific, not only now Now that in the coming years, we have to make decisions for our national benefits and that's exactly what we did. "With the new Australian submarine fleet is expected to be active Dynamic in the coming decades, Mr. Dutton said Canberra could consider hiring or buying existing submarines from the US or England during the temporary time. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also rejected the allegations of France thinks that Canberra "deceives" about plans to cancel the contract. The Morrison said in fact he stated the concerns about the contract. Buying and selling submarines with France a few months ago. A White House official said President Joe Biden was sorry about Paris's moves and will work with France in the coming days to solve disagreements
/.Lan Phuong (VNA / Vietnam)

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