French Communication: Agreement Aukus Strengthens The ‘global British British’ Strategy

The Analysis' Agreement Aukus strengthened the Global British British country 'of Mr. Boris Johnson' on Le Monde, said that actively participating in the security alliance between England, the US and Australia (Aukus) showed expect Want to divert London's foreign policy to the Indian Ocean-Pacific region of the post-Brexit period. The active involvement of the security alliance between England, USA and Australia (Aukus) shows the desire to divert policy London's foreign affairs to the Indian Ocean-Pacific region of the post-Brexit period. (Source: Twitter) According to the expert's assessment, Aukus Agreement is an undeniable diplomatic success of his security and defense partnerships published by Washington, London and Canberra on September 15 - Accordingly, Australia allows Australia to own nuclear energy submarines to respond to China's influence in the Indian Ocean-Pacific region, which is said to be suitable for the concept of "Global British England". The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is very interested in respects

. This agreement also allows British leaders to be assured of the solid foundation of "special relationships" with Washington.Anh "rotating axis" to Indian-Pacific Indians At the beginning of the British House on September 15 after the Aukus agreement was announced, Mr. Johnson stated: "While some people are also wondering about the meaning of rotating the 'British Global British" to Indian Ocean -The pacific and london ability can be willing to dedicate to it, the partnership with Australia and the US gave the answer
This is a new expression in Cam Ke Your long-term t for this area and goodwill helps one of the oldest allies to maintain regional stability ". Before, in March, Downing Street published documents" Evaluation Overall Defense, Security and Foreign Policy ", outlining the priorities in the next 10 years of the United Kingdom after" divorce "with the European Union (EU). This material emphasizes the interest It is about the geopolitality of the Indian Ocean-Pacific region today and the lessons need to draw, leading to England to significantly enhance the presence there. That point, European countries are very difficult suffered with the country of the fog proves no goodwill to sign a national defense and security agreement. In the meantime, the British government represents Asian ambitions with the new carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth of the Royal Navy to the East Sea and signed a principle of a free trade agreement with Australia. According to the UK Foreign Policy Research Group (BFPG) Sophia Gaston, Agreement A Ukus has "put the ambitions 'overall evaluation' into practice, emphasizing his skill and technological strengths, while promoting the sharing of responsibility". Jamie Gaskarth, Professor International Relations At Open University and British Editorial Journal of British Global Security Explanation: "Global British British concept 'is to build a more durable relationship with external countries EU. In this respect, Aukus is considered a success when it allows to advocate partnerships in a special group, instead of bulky and heavy multilateral allies. Hope to participate more in The quartet group (including the US, Japan, Australia and India), and is also seeking to strengthen three-party relations with France and Germany in security issues. "Relationship with Australia, Dharmaustralia It seems that a reasonable alliance of him when they both have cooperated in the group of Labels - Intelligence Alliance between America, Canada, Australia, England and New Zealand
"I fully trusted Australia, it was a background Large maritime democracy, "said Prime Minister Boris Johnson immediately after French Foreign Minister Jean-yves Le Drian lamented in Canberra's" stabbed back "of the Scottish Ethnic Minority Party (SNP) , other opposition parties in the UK welcomed Aukus Agreement, hoping to bring London significant economic benefits, with creating "hundreds of qualified jobs High "as Prime Minister Johnson said that the possibility of 2 groups specializing in his defense is Rolls-Royce and Bae Systems will be invited. However, the new partnership has raised many questions at Lower The British Institute around the relationship with France, the country was deprived of "century contracts" with Australia for the benefit of London and Washington. Straight between Paris and London was very heavy in migration issues or Post Brexit, but Prime Minister Johnson still affirmed that "The relationship between Britain and France is still like a parallel, we are close to France in Sahel as well as in Estonia, where we have the biggest activities in the organization Northern Atlantic (NATO) ". He expressed its understanding of France's disappointment, but Australia decided to change. Mr. Ben Wallace's defense minister said:" We don't go fishing under Copper, but obviously we considered this when Australian side approaches ". According to the agreement, there will be a 18-month-long consultation between members Aukus to build a roadmap for ship contracts

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