French People Directed To Vietnam Agent Orange Victims

A group of prestigious characters in France wish to give crimes to spread Agent Orange to Vietnam from the forgotten and calling the world to spend an official day to commemorate Agent Orange victims. Orange / dioxin in Vietnam. (Source: VNA) Category "Forums" in Le Monde newspaper posted article by Collectif Vietnam-Dioxine Association called for French and international communities to support Agent Orange victims in Vietnam and for them One day to commemorate. With the title "We want to break the silence on the consequences of Agent Orange in Vietnam," The article emphasizes 60 years after the US military day began campaigns spraying skin Orange, a strong grassarium chemical containing dioxin, a carcinogenic prefix and birth defects, to many areas in southern Vietnam, the consequences of this poison are still available. Therefore, a reputable group of characters in France wishes to give this crime out of the forgotten and calling the world to spend an official day to commemorate the Agent Orange victims

.Theo articles, in history books And the Geography of France, at the middle and high school level, the Vietnam War was also mentioned. However, the teaching content is limited to the main features of the past war, but again Not mentioning the catastrophic consequences still exist today, heavily influenced by ecosystems and residents. The teachers also often ignore the emphasis on the difference between napalm bombs and toxins
Agent Orange, which the French did not always distinguish because they are not there when the Agent Orange disaster takes place, and also by the popularity of a picture of a Vietnamese baby burned by bombs Napalm in 1972. This led to vague awareness about a war in a remote place and in the past, this war, for veterans and children c Their configuration is unforgettable, even they always have to silently endure until now. Written by the country and the Vietnamese people are used to see face and distortions. The unfortunate pieces are familiar to live in silence, suffering pain but sometimes they don't even know that they are victims of the consequences from the sea poisoning before. Therefore, it is necessary to break this silence. Written that all orange victims are not worth suffering from pain and disadvantages, when not officially recognized as American veterans, live in Material conditions are lacking and hardly not remembered by the world even in memory. Therefore, it is necessary to fight for their justice in Vietnam as well as in other countries. In other countries, associations in France, are responsible for verifying families and generations capable of being Effecting by Agent Orange still faces great difficulties in identifying vulnerable objects, partly by these people often embarrassing, want to hide unhappiness and also by lack of information about origin. Because of these things, the article asks French parliamentary MPs to compensate the injustices that all Agent Orange victims suffer, by recognizing crimes ever made in Vietnam And in neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Laos.Hoc Church Collectif Vietnam-dioxine calls for a formal day to commemorate Agent Orange victims, as well as consideration in school teaching on the impact of the impact Vietnam War for humans and ecosystems
The association asserts will continue to mobilize and attempts to participate in supporting Vietnam./.Nguyen Thu Ha (VNA / Vietnam)

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