French President Will Talk To The Us President Clearly That The Us Black And White Department Sells Submarines For Australia

France will seek to 'clarify' about canceling submarine orders. The cancellation of the contract signed in 2016, caused the French resentment because the Paris was not consulted by the Allies. The French government spokesman today 19.9 said, French President Emmanuel Macron will have Damage with US President Joe Biden in the next few days. The diaphragm appears in the context of the diplomatic crisis broke out due to Australia to cancel the submarine contract with France

. On September 17, France said it was summoned Ambassadors from Washington and Canberra to the country such as reactions related to a three-party security agreement - England - Australia leading to Australia to buy French submarines. "President Biden Request to talk to President of the French Republic and there will be a phone discussion in the next few days between President Macron and President Biden, "said Gabriel Attal speech on BFM TV news channel. Indicates that France will find a way to "clarify" about canceling submarine orders
The cancellation of the contract was signed in 2016, caused the French resentment because Paris was not consulted by the Allies. However, the Australian Government said they clarified their concerns for several months. After the initial "shock" about canceling the contract, the discussions will need to go to the contract terms , especially compensation for the French side. The Australian government said the cancellation of the contract made them compensate about $ 1.7 billion but they accepted it because the French submarine did not meet the Australian requirements in the future. Attal also commented on the Department This with some underground questions for the US: "What happens in this case, this crisis ... are strategic issues before a trade problem. The question is
.. the current force, the balance in the Indian Ocean - Pacific, where is the future attached to our future and our relationship with China ". America's prosperity with the UK - Australia reflects the American shaft rotation for the Indian Ocean - Pacific region, which is considered strategically increasingly when China consolidates the effect there. Feeling the agreement of 3 Allied English is going like the French route in an area where Paris has long has a strong presence and is also working hard to consolidate, in addition to contracts with Australia.attal said: "France is one Country in Indian Ocean - Pacific, always interested in French territory in New Caledonia, French citizens live in the region and military forces close there. "He also said, Indian Ocean - The Pacific is also a problem of Europe.Macron will look for explanations from Biden about what led to the "big cracking of faith", the spokesman added. Attal said: "There was one Shock moment, instant N ... Now, we have to move forward. "On the evening of 17.9, French Foreign Minister Jean-yves Le Drian objected what France considered a betrayal marked by" flexibility, Normal and lie. "Prime Minister Morrison said this transformation was due to a strategic environment that was worse in Indian Ocean - Pacific. He did not mention specific concerns with China's giant military power, which had a growth rate in recent years. Morrison Prime Minister said: "The ability of the Attack class submarines is not something An Australia needs to protect our sovereignty benefits. They will have every reason to know that we have deep and serious concerns that the ability of the Attack submarine will not meet our strategic benefits and we said very clearly that Australia will make decisions based on national strategic benefits.

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