French Soldiers Posted Bile Documents On The Tank To The Electronic Game Forum

Just because I want to win in controversy with strangers, an account is said to be French soldiers who have straightened their hands to post the bile guide on Leclerc battle tanks on the forum of online video games. French Leclerc match. Photo: NationalInterest.orgwar Thunder is video game with simulation of many combat media. Therefore, individuals who are passionate about military love War Thunder and often discuss the "main characters" of this online video game on the official forum

. October 3, a account The name Red Cross argued with other accounts on War Thunder forum on French Leclerc battle tanks. The controversy that occurred to the level of leclerc tanks were posted on the forum to Defense Journal reported that Red Cross was actually a member of Leclerc tanks in the French army
And he decided to launch this document to win against strangers. War Thunder forum managers quickly deleted this document while sending a warning to everyone: "Leaking of confidential documents About modern equipment is not fun. You have placed the risks on the lives of people who are daily working with this device. Remember that these documents will be deleted immediately. "This is not the first time the secret document leaked on War Thunder forum. Earlier this year, a manual War Thunder posted a bile document on the British army's Challenger 2 battle tanks on the forum of this game. Leclerc Tang Leclc has been processed into the French army since 1993. France Each deployment of Leclerc participated in peacekeeping activities in Lebanon and Kosovo. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the only country that has purchased Leclerc tanks. Linh / News News

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