French Tattoo Lady Looking Forward To Early Returning To Ho Chi Minh City After Translation

The precarious life for Covid-19, Camille Gumir will be happy after 6 years of living in Ho Chi Minh City. For nearly two months of socializing, the income of tattoo coaters with 0. "Whenever it is reopened after the stretch of this social way, I will have great promotions for every of your tattoos. I need funding and do my favorite work in the last days in Vietnam, "Gumir wrote on his facebook page.Camille Gumir (34 years old) is the French, living in Ho Chi Minh City for 6 years with the job Art tattoo

. In addition, she is a model and actor for some small projects. Everything must stop working due to stretching social ways. No income in the two months tattooed on the list of uninterressing services, Camille Gumir must close the shop since May
She hoped the situation like Last year, there was only a month of social ways of socializing. Even when "sitting without" about a month, Gumir decided on France, because personal status was really difficult. Nearly 2 months of social distance, female tattoo coaters do not have income, live with savings, so enough to pay rent and live. "For air ticket budget, take water procedures , I have to liquidate many indoor utensils, which are most regretful are tattoo devices, "she rubbed.Camille Gumir passionate makers, she has gifted, often designing tattoos for reference . Photo: NVCC.The tattoo tool is due to her thanks to relatives and friends from France because they cannot buy in Vietnam. But she still kept her tattoo machine because she used to use many years. After a hard time working in the US, Gumir went to a piece to open a tattoo shop in Ho Chi Minh City. With this profession, she said she has enough income for a simple life
Gumir's two-year life is not as good as before. Her guests are mostly foreigners. Because of Covid-19, visitors must not arrive, the resident is a lot of water, making the number of visitors declined sharply. The model of the model and the free actor of the French girl also stopped working for the epidemic. "My income is not enough for life here. I've been pynnhism sometimes deciding on the country," Gumir said. Close the enthusiastic tattoo shop, giving up everything I built and left Vietnam Is the sad thing of female tattooist. But now, Gumir said she aims to be more positive, thinking that I will soon see my family again. If there is no Covid-19, Gumir thinks I still stay here, because your family can easily fly Sang or she came home to visit them. "Up to now, 3 years I don't meet my loved ones and dogs in France. Luckily I can meet my mother on Christmas in 2019, before the disease situation is bad ", Gumir said. A corner of Gumir's home tattoo space, where she lived with her passion. Photo: NVCC. Gumir has been in the hands of the flight ticket on France on October 10, the papers have been worried. She also procedures to bring your "grass" dog with you over the years to country with.Camille Gumir left almost all, just take what important, and less Vietnamese. Beautiful in Ho Chi Minh City6 year ago, Camille Gumir was a female visitors from France to Vietnam and "failed" this country, so he decided to stay. She chose to live in Ho Chi Minh City because it has a lively and modern life rhythm, even more people and foreigners "play", suitable for tattoo shop business. Living in a small neighborhood , Rent a house with a garden in Nguyen Van Huong Street (Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City), and opened a tattoo shop at home. "Since coming to Vietnam, my life is better. Everything here is perfect Yen. Every day I go to the market, cook rice, play with puppy, at times without visitors to Tattoo Shop, "Gumir shared. Tattooist also likes to meet friends, if you are free to go out with them, Or ask them to go to the house with a little drink and talk. Or sometimes feeling tired, she will travel. Many times Gumir alone launched a motorbike carrying his four-legged friend to Vung Tau or Mui Ne bathing is fun again. In French girl's eyes, Vietnamese people laugh a lot, even if they have a bad day also Not shown. Moreover, Ho Chi Minh City people are very kind. "Every time my motorbike is broken, there is always someone who stops pushing. Even a tattoo worker also helps me find a place to buy a shop opening the store, even though I It is about to become his opponent, "Gumir said.Gumir said she couldn't forget happy dates in Vietnam. Photo: NVCC. Especially, she was impressed with Vietnamese men, because they were kind and elegant. Gumir also said he wanted to date a Vietnamese guy, not fellow countrymen or foreigners. However, because he was busy with his tattoo shop, in the past, she was a bit unfortunately unfortunately because I couldn't dating Ai.Camille Gumir took themselves in love with Vietnam, and felt a lot of learned and mature here. Ho Chi Minh City is like the second hometown, she considers himself as a resident of the city, in harmony into the local life and grows with it. "Later, I wouldn't probably not live in Ho Chi Minh City. But I Certainly will return not only once, when Vietnam opened the door L

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