Friendship Taste: After Ms. Xuan, Thy (thu Quynh) Received Intense Stone Tiles

Thy actions claim to divorce in the latest movements of 'Flavor "are accepting much controversy on Network forums.0: 00/3: 05 namsau domain waves of Long (strong school) - Male ( Phuong Oanh), the interest of the audience poured into Thy's relationship (Thu Quynh) - Huy (Anh Vu) .QUA three years of marriage, though cleverly but Thy gradually revealed its nature. Thy has a great ambition for power, money. So, even if she supports her husband according to the restaurant business, she always felt frustrated because her husband was annoyed, stamped in place

. In recent episodes, the couple's relationship gradually goes to the edge of the abyss By the appearance of the "green tea" character - Huy's employee. Many arguments, jealousy, causing the couple to be skeptical about love for the other half. The most climax, in the controversy, when he saw Huy attempt to rescue the positive, Thy threatened to divorce
Thy's movement quickly received a lot of fruit reactions from the netizens. On movie comment pages, the audience moved his attitude from feeling to indignation before her way of treating her husband's husband and family. Many viewers are straightforward to support divorced couples to herself to find "half" fit. It can be said, following Ba Xuan (Guo Thu Phuong), Thy becomes the next character who is suffering. " Hammer ax "of public opinion. An audience analyzes:" Although I don't know me "green tea, everyone is full of understanding, taking her younger brother for money for personal rights and people. In the marriage of the two children, Thy was the trapman who was the one who despite all because of love but was trapped. Everywhere of life, Thy had ever thought of the Huy, fascinating the fame but neglected the family, many years but didn't give birth to a child. The best planning is that two people find two new roads to find happiness for themselves. Divorce go Thy
"Another audience said:" It is actually a plot from the beginning and Thy only takes advantage of Huy. If you love you honily, I can "be" long. So, if you love, you will know how to keep up with customers. Looking at the scene closer to the customer, I can't cover it. "Participating with" stone tiles "are aiming for Thy, another part of the girl who advocates the girl, claiming" green tea "to a welded couple attached. "It's true that Thy many bad tonnage, but in her family, her family is right. What the husband moved a little bit to mention the positive. All day to work and midnight halfway, I still looked at her. Must our women see jealousy? "" Make a family and understand. Put yourself in the case in the movie, when I gave green tea, it was still too gentle. Knowing that Thy is ambitious but does not mean her husband has the right to protect other women. " - A number of audiences analyzed. The story of Luc Tau story between Thy and Huy, Thu Quynh shared on the personal page. The actress uploaded a wondered state line: "In love, what is the most important? No belief in each other or don't believe in yourself? Hearing, the first 3-5 years of marriage, every pair will face this crisis, overcome it will be together for a long time, not, so soon must not you? ". Comment on the role This time, Thu Quynh said he tried in many different types of shoulders, from the gentle, orange ashediated as lieutenant as a cruel role as a "wolf". "The role of Khanh Thy is more difficult than My Wolf. Because Thy there are many faces and many different personality. Thy multi-personality should I work hard. "

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