Friendship Taste: Don’t Make It Anymore, Thy And Yang ‘green Tea’ Are All Credants!

The audience loves the 'Flavor "film currently divided into two factions: Mercy Thy (Thu Quynh) is unfairly treated by husband's house, who is the green tea' (Shu Anh) because Love has no errors; But in fact, both girls have many points that make viewers' unbelievable'.0: 00/3: 24 South Vietnam's most popular television drama today taste the audience Controversy when Thy - Huy couple increasingly falls into a deadlock after the appearance of positive "green tea". Not to mention, Huy was jealous because Thy was too close to work with partners. Besides, because I'm so ambitious, Thy doesn't even want to give birth to the child. The "intestinal" fans of the film are divided into 2 factions: The person who goes to the main side of Furniture Thy (Thu Quynh) said she was so pitiful Husband kept in ambiguity with another girl

. He protects the positive (Shu Anh) again because he said that Huy (Hoang Anh Vu) deserves to love himself. However, Thy and Duong is actually "the eight-sided, half-weight", when both have "hard to accept" points: Marriage is just a tool to advance? Thy (Thu Quynh) The role of a "full-time" woman. She got an important position in the company of "Shark" Long (strong school) thanks to talent
But because of the ambition too big, Thy had never been satisfied with what he was achieved. She always tries to find ways, almost "despite tricks" to get what you want. Thy used to break up with Phi (To Dung) and searched for "Hundred My Thousand" approaching "Shark" Long (Strong school) - Marshal's dreams of many girls. Quynh in the shoulder Thy - a beautiful woman , talented and ambitious. Marriage with Huy - The son of the rich family, is also completely in Thy's "plan". When I saw Thy unable to successfully conquer the Long heart, Ms. Sa just forced to advise Thy to come to Huy to become a royal family. In front of her mother's pressure and my ambition, Thy accepted to see the marriage as a "tool" to advance. Currently, after miscarriage, Thy frantically worked to keep an important position More at the company. Although Huy Loving afternoon care and desire soon, Thy only knows every job and work
As Huy used for many times, Thy spent interests and care for relatives in the family but did not put the feelings into it. For her, everything makes her husband's house responsibility, obligations and can help her have a higher position. Not only that, Thy is often jealous of the South (Phuong Oanh). Thy was annoyed when men get the heart of Long - the person she used every tricks didn't touch it. While men want two sisters to make a royal strawberry, soon the explanation of all shares to the family atmosphere happily, Thy is always lighter and it wants to make it easy to make it difficult. It was things that made Thy more and more "losing points" in the heart of the audience.Duong: "Flowers already masters still want to beat the pneumatic pots" It can be said to be one of the few "small" fans On Vietnamese screen. However, "Love has no errors", the error is in ... Duong knows the Huy, "Hoa has mastered" but still wants to "beat the robbery pots". She owns many identity characteristics of "Tea Green ": Deliberately approaching Huy, always showing weakness or" accidentally "appears to share the mind with Huy when he has sadness. Not to mention, knowing Huy is talking to Thy, Duong deliberately shouted to make the boss's spouses misunderstwhere. Large, easy-to-see "main ventricular", even ask Thy to leave her husband. This scene has rapidly viral on social networks and becomes the topic to discuss among the "intestinal" fans of the love flavor. Besides, many ideas said that the two girls Thy and Duong continuously Confronting each other, the biggest error comes from Huy when he is not clear in his feelings. Many people believe that the Huy is not completely "immense" to be excessively advocated as the present. Lam Lam (Photo of multiple sources)

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