Friendship Taste Episode 105 (part 2 Episode 34): The Face Of His Wife Lives Fake, Mr. Khang’s House Is Disturbed Because The ‘woman Sitting On The Bridge Intends To Commit Suicide’

FRESSION TRANSFER EXAMINATION 105 (Part 2 Episode 34), online There is a Livestream person Ms. Xuan is sitting alone on the bridge, next to it's luggage. It seems that Ms. Xuan Dinh suicide; Huy Loi Thy is a supposed person .

.. 0: 00/1: 41 Southern regional affairs Episode 105 (Part 2 episode 34), the whole house panicked when Ms. Xuan intends to commit suicide
105 (Part 2 Episode 34), Mr. Khang talked to the children about Ms. Xuan's decision after the event: "Mother calls for grandmother to claim but she settled but she did not agree." , Being besieally, Ms. Xuan collapsed, no longer wanted to talk to, nor anyone advised it. Ms. Xuan left, causing the whole family to worry. When people are planning to find Ms. Xuan, who maid holding the phone panicked out. Sam gave Mr
Khang's family to see the image of the direct scene of Ms. Xuan sitting on the bridge with sharing words: "This woman stood for a long time, abnormal expression. I really want to be close again but afraid she does dose. Everyone shared that anyone who is the house, go to the new bridge right away ". In another development, Thy feels more and more felt and uncomfortable because of the sister. In particular, Huy also spoke straight to his wife that he felt that she did everything just to round the responsibility, without sincereity. "I treat everyone very reasonably, I do everything that is right Both, but don't you find that I'm just making a liability? Thy round his eyes, said: "I think about me ever. Is it since my sister-in-law steps into this house, right? ". The flexibility of the 105 (Part 2 episode 34) will broadcast at 21:00 on September 14 on the VTV1.Phi Khanh channel

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