Friendship Taste Episode 123 (part 2 Episode 52): Male With Extremely Masculinent, He Was Tortured

FRESSION OF TRANSFER TRANSFER 123 (Part 2 Episode 52), Male is increasingly shaped 'Ms. Dai', authority in front of Thy; He was tortured. Ever he was born in minh oan? 0: 00/1: 22 nam nuoc giOm Tinh Than 123 (Part 2 episode 52), South brewed the bride's face. The details he gave birth to a ton. This time, tons were no longer around it and speaking straight that he was the killer of Mr

. Thang and he was Dũng Dũng.Nghe, he was born extremely unexpectedly. But tons argued now, in the old hand with money, have the right, so he knows nothing
At the same time, Ton also advised him to go home to his hometown, bring his mother Son Bich, if he wanted a peaceful life. Maybe after this conversation, he was about to be tortured by his man. So when he returned home, he discovered his father was injured and extremely worried. In other movements, Nam came to meet Thy, Polydled: "Before I never hated you?" Thank: "I never hid this." Hearing that, Nam stungly asked: "Why's that?" Thy replied: "Because all that doesn't happen in my life there is her appearance". Before the attitude of my bride, will you react? How will male "face" strawberry? Did you unable to accommodate more? Movement of Telepy Taste 123 (Part 2 Episode 52) will broadcast at 21:00 today (8/10) on VTV1Phi Khanh channel

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