Friendship Taste Episode 34: Huy First Peeled Thy’s Mask

'I treat everyone reasonably, I do everything that is right, but I only make liability' - Huy disappointed to tell Thy in episode 34 'FILMS'.0: 00/1: 40 NAMVIDEO: The main developments in the episode of 34 movies "FRESSIONS" 00: 00/01: 15In episode 33 of Movie Flavor, Ms. Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) was daughter of the beauty of Miss and robbed The amount of money she mobilized with the purpose of charity. Unable to withstand the pressure from the public opinion, as well as not getting the pat on the husband, Ms. Xuan collapsed and left the house

. Her husband was in a feet of feet like sitting on the fire. Ngang (Mai Nguyen) worriedly revealed, Ms. Xuan called his mother abroad, expressing his intention to leave the family, to work Residential but not agreed
At that time, the maid to discover online is Livestream about a woman sitting alone on the bridge, showing signs of wanting to find death. And that person is not else but Ms. Xuan. Immediately, the whole house Mr. Khang panicked to find it. (Mr. Vu) gradually discovered the real face of his wife. He said: "I treat everyone reasonably. I do everything that's right, but I only make the responsibility. I don't feel it's the feelings of the child, the grandson for relatives in the family "The end, Huy also recognizes the real face of his wife
When the husband peeled away from the mask, Thy (Thu Quynh). Once again, she blamed Nam (Phuong Oanh) about the failures I encountered. Thy screamed: "When did you think about it? Is it when my bride sister go home?" The more wife's attitude causes further disappointment. After more than 3 years of life, the couple's marriage is standing in front of the risk of breaking. Taste friendship 34 to 14/9 night on VTV.Hoang Anh

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