Friendship Taste Episode 38: He Was Threatened To ‘want A Peaceful Daughter To Die’

In the 'Flavor "episode 38, Mr. Tan threatened him to give birth:' If you want your daughter to be peaceful, you should die'.0: 00/1: 51 Southvideo: The main developments in the movie" Flavor "Episode 3800: 00/01: 46 In episode 37 Filming Flavor, Mr. Tan (NSS Quan Ho Phong) and Ba Sa (Thu Hanh) accidentally clashed with his birth (martial arts nSua Hoai Nam) and husband and wife Nam - Long at a restaurant. It seems, from that meeting, Mr

. Tan learned a parent relationship between Mr. Sinh and Nam (Phuong Oanh). In the Temple of Request 38, the two enemies have a live conversation together
He asked a reason: "What do you want?" In response, Mr. Tan did not hide his intention. He threatened: "If you want your daughter to be peaceful, you should die". After 20 years of imprisoning for murder, in recent episodes of fingers, he never stopped looking for clues To Minh Oan for me. The past enemies of course do not want him to succeed. Because of fear of his safety, they are willing to hit the weakest point of his birth - that is the daughter that he hasn't once dared to receive. Thoughtfully threatened he was born in "Flavor" 38. A other social development noticeably in the taste of body practice 38 is male discovered that his sister remained back and forth with Dung "Mathiu (Sy Hung). She didn't like this boy. Dung Mathiu is the younger brother Thy (Thu Quynh)
Further in the past, he still humiliated her sister on the network.Nam brought this to her husband. However, Long (strong school) has a fairly open look. I recommend Wife: "Hit the person running, no one hit the person to run again, like that older, before he escaped him, until she came back, he still went to welcoming me." The jokes of her husband, men are also formidable in response. She affirmed that Long was the one who clung her. Long didn't deny it but added: "I don't like to do it?" Talk 38 to 20/9 night waves on VTV1 channel. Hoang Anh

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