Friendship Taste Episode 64: Ms. Xuan Scolded Male Was The Purpose, Swinging

In Review Flavor Friendship Episode 64, Knowing Long - South is dating, Ms. Xuan finds ways to prevent. Ms. Sa launched a new 'move' instant: 00/2: 40 Southern Southern Spring to follow the Traileview Flavor Taste Episode 64 Revealing the first turbulences in the relationship between Long (strong school) And Nam (Phuong Oanh) .Theo, Ms

. Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) crazy to call Long home when there was a series of photos recorded the scene he was dating with Nam.Ba Xuan made a loud when he knew his son Dating Nongong Khang (Mai Nguyen) did not have surprised to this incident. He blamed his wife: "Why can I do this with me?" But Ms
Xuan countered: "Why? My child, why can't you do it?" Pre-denial evidence, Long also frankly admitted first in the family that Britain and South are in terms Dating relations.Nam was immediately excited by Mrs. Xuan, Ms. Xuan came to meet and crime for men seduce his son.Theo Ms. Xuan never had his son to actively like a girl, If she doesn't flirt with, "swinging" has a purpose. Because of how many people Tram Anh Phiet did she introduced that Long didn't even crave to keep an eye on. Spring to say difficulty listening to Namnghe here, South Turning surprised to ask: "You mean I don't worry about Mr. Long?" Surprisingly, Ms. Xuan affirmed: "Of course!"
Review Flavor Receptional Episode 64 Revealing Ba Sa (Thu Hanh) to meet and talk to her gradually (NSND Nhu Quynh). Looks like Ms. Sa is plotting, taking care of something when she says the bad sister of the South is Diep in front of her: "It actively trick her husband's house." This disclosure made her unexpectedly unexpectedly.Thy was increasingly sinistered, in the taste of friendship 63, Mr. Khang received Dung (Sy Hung) into the company in the position of assistant for Long made her worry .Ba reminds boys: "Assistant is close to the boss, knowing all the secrets in the job so I must be very careful. The brother's younger brother could not count as a family person but only a communal relationship. "Nam Dung between the company (Thu Quynh) stood outside of her words. Then, Thy expressed a pitiful face with her husband: "I'm sad because you don't have a position in the house, because it is clear that people don't see him an important person. I am very afraid of our children to be disadvantaged. "These words once again make the air between couples become far away, when you know Diep (Anh Tuyet) is brave in the company of Long, Ms. Bich (Tu Oanh) also ran straight to Ba Sa's house to pour anger. When Ms. Sa said that Ms. Bich needs to teach 2 daughters, Ms. Bich has retorted: "You have to teach my 2 children. 2 children are a parasite. The daughter was tricked to get pregnant to get a rich husband, then asked for a younger brother to the company ". In the meantime, Long saw the incident of scratching between Nam and Dung, he did not jump into the South but also hit I'm unhappy with Thy - Dung's sisters.

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