Friendship Taste Episode 64: Ms. Xuan Was Shocked When Discovering The Secret Of Long, Bluntly Criticized Male Not The ‘tram Anh Phiet’ House

Flavor of friendship 64, Ms. Xuan proved harshly when he discovered his son in love. Just triggering Long, she also found Male to betray ..

. 0: 00/0: 58 Nou southern relationship with body episode 64, Ms. Xuan shocked when discovering the relationship of Long and South. Episode 64, hiring followers and when receiving the love photos of Long and Nam, Ms
Xuan was shocked and loudly asked for his son: "How is this?". Long frank admitted: "We are dating". In addition, Ms. Xuan also appointed to meet men. "If I don't actively pursue the Long He will never keep your eyes on. Because there are many daughters of Tram Anh, he is still asking me to introduce it, "Ms. Xuan said .Nam asked again:" I mean, I don't worry about Mr. Long? "Ms. Xuan said : "Of course it is like that"
In another development, Ms. Sa actively speaks badly male sisters with her gradually. She said that Dung - his son was cheated over the network ... taste movements Reception 64 will broadcast at 21:00 today (July 16) on VTV1.Phi Khanh channel (General)

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