Friendship Taste Episode 89 (part 2 Episode 18): Long Is A Multi-love-soy Guy – 3 Years There Are 2 Love To End, You’ve Been ‘overnight’ At Home?

Friendship taste Episode 89 (Part 2 Episode 18), in the eyes of Nam, Long as 'East guy - Gasket' Multicogue, easy to change your heart by 3 years, but Long has two love to end. .0: 00/1: 09 NamThuong Southern partner practice 89 (Part 2 Episode 18), Nam Binh Long is easy to change his heart. "Part 2 episode 18), revealing Nam and Long scenes Stand under the rain. Long asked men to give me more time to resume affection

. Male did not want to give the opportunity to think that he was not worthy, he was easy to change his heart .Nam said: "3 years I have two love to the end. He also easily changed too
"In another development, Long stood in front of the male room and said it would go back. Hearing Long, Nam hamlet said: "You come home about it." But when Long said he had returned and took a lover to stay healthy, he burst into tears. Many audiences are wild, which has longiers 'overnight' in men's homes? In another segment, father of the "dog" war decided to cut hands committed suicide. However, he was born in time to detect and clearly discovered to stop the incident before it was too late. Flying the enthusiastic flavor of 89 (Part 2 episode 18) will broadcast at 21:00 on August 20 on VTV1 channel. Non-Khanh

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