Friendship Taste Episode 94 (part 2 Episode 23): Mr. Khang Out ‘ultimatum’ For His Wife And South Reveals His Secret

Friendship taste Episode 94 (Part 2 episode 23), after many ends of the male finally decided to say the secret of his life with Long, he was off the 'ultimatum' with his wife ... 0: 00/1 : 09 NamThuong Mu Southern friendship Episode 94 (Part 2, Episode 23), Male decided to speak his secret, that she was an orphan. Taste friendship 94 (Part 2 episode 23), after a lot Ecology, in the end men talked to his secret to his secret to decide whether to marry her

. Overview: "I told you to hear this and depending on him decide. I am an orphan. In other movements, Mr
Khang launched the "ultimatum" for his wife: "If I feel it, try to open my heart so that everyone is happy to be happy. And if I don't need anyone This will no one needs me. "Especially, Male decided to move home with her mother and sister. Seeing her back, Diep hugged the male cries saying: "Do you come back here? I'm here to remember. You stay here with you." Male wipers replied: "Right!" How long reacted when knowing why lover is orphan? Does the two have about a house? Ms. Xuan will oppose the same or acceptants for married boys? FRESSION OF ENTERPRISE 94 (Part 2 episode 23) will broadcast at 21:00 on August 27 on VTV1.Phi Khanh channel

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