From An Interpreter To A Professional Cake

With the original capital only at VND 5 million, the passion for his intense cake, Ngoc Nhung decided to give up the interpreter work to 'shake hands' starting a business, becoming a baker Many people admire. After graduating from a good kind of Japanese, the University of Foreign Languages (Hanoi National University), Nguyen Ngoc Nhung (27 years old) has been cheating with translation work with a stable salary and life. However, the job doesn't really bring joy to the passion because the passion for making handmade cakes is still unfinished. In a year, but always in front of the two options "should or not" quit Chasing passion. But confide: "I wonder why I don't turn my passion into something great? Watching a lot of young cakes on social networking sites has made me think that I can do like you and even more brilliant

. Just like that, the more I thought I wanted to do and then I decided to quit my company to bring a passion in the right direction ". Mid-Autumn Festival is also part of the unlimited creative cake Young people. Although pursuing handmade cake making work is a dream from being sitting on the school chair but when starting to do it, velvet encounters many pressure from the family
But tell: "Because of her loving hard, worry about the wrong time, regret the stability of the current job that her mother opposes a lot. Yes, confide and advocate with light weight. People around like friends, colleagues don't really believe in their choice. Knowing that he quit his job, everyone blamed himself. But "rain is absorbent", everyone also gradually understands his passion, encouraging herself more ". The blooming birthday cakes are meticulous by Nhung's hands. Non-alone Start- Up with the original capital only 5 million dong, velvet also faces other difficulties in baking materials, gear designs or how to preserve, transport reasonably ... However, the belief in passion My, the meticulous planning that all obstacles seem to be nothing compared to her effort
The creative of his cakes in a Korean style. The story of the pepper Chi to make a delicious, beautiful cake, velvety, "I'm always mindful of" having trouble ". To make a delicious cake first must be delicious. I'm always hard to find the most quality formulas. Besides, I also built our own style, trying to learn from friends in the gender in Vietnam as well as abroad to make the best and delicious cakes. Graduated from a good Japanese specialized in Japanese. Add more sharing, each simple cake usually takes about 45-50 minutes to complete, and more complex items will take 1-2 hours. With velvet, every cake made offs a story. Having free time is to go back to the newspaper, go to YouTube or famous blog sites to see new cake making formulas, updating the shapes that match the trend. Then velvet will grope to make the cake while carrying a personal imprint, while transmitting a beautiful message. Handmade bakery products with shapes, various colors, simple words to complex But hard to "show off" on Facebook personal page. Many people "unbearable" have to leave a comment compliment the handmade of Nhung's bakery. Currently, although it was stable with a passion for making cakes, becoming a master who was admired by many people but still constantly Learn and try. From the perspective of a start-up, velvet shared: "I don't fall in passionate to start a business, because only when you realize that starting a business will cost 1,000 times the energy compared to normal Think of startups. You have to turn what you like to become something that many others also have to like you. There is a circle and determination plan to come to the end but must be with a sober head. Getting started, but also full of risk. You want to enjoy the victory emotions, you are forced to experience the ". Battle

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