From Assisting With The Director Of Organic Vegetable Production Cooperatives

Hanoi household economy can also be developed but it will be more difficult to meet the number of large and uniform goods such as collective economy, cooperative 09: 00/3: 44 namhkhi domain The black ball on food safety and hygiene is still covered in many places, there is a couple of farmers who are confident to eat vegetables in the middle of their vast field. It was Mr. Nguyen Dang Quy and Ms Dang Thi Lai in Dan Phuong Commune, Dan Phuong District, Ha Noi City. After a time of making an individual, they established cooperatives (cooperatives) produced organic vegetables at the end quarter. (Dan Phuong commune) with 9 members, mainly people who work for themselves on a total area of 5 hectares of cultivation, manufactured in a closed string, providing schools and food stores

. Years after the establishment, the cooperative has built a strong brand, creating a stable income for members and has a unique safety and organic cultivation thanks to a very safe homemade pesticide. Yogurt, fresh milk, sugar, microorganisms and indispensable worms are right in the field. "When I speak this technique many masters, doctoral agriculture or micro We laughed for the nose, but it was the technique I learned when I was a 4-year hire in a Japanese vegetable company in Taiwan
"The end of the tiny cauliflower trees. Photo: NNVN. One day there, the average couple Labor 12 - 13 hours, 2pm wake up to eat breakfast and out to spit vegetables to 6pm to eat and eat vegetables to 11:30 to break, sleep until 2pm And do 6 hours. Many times the order they also have to do up to 7 - 8pm are usually the average every day only 5 - 6 hours. so many, so much. They woke up from 1am and only to bed to bed after 9am, on average every day of sleep every day of 4 - 5 hours a day. Tet holidays, holidays, hired employees are rested to go out, but the farmers are not. Three years of three people, siblings about leasing land to establish a safe vegetable growing farm and go to a cooperative with Area area of 5 hectares, of which 3 ha outdoors, 2 ha of membranes. They grown Japanese white cabbage, Japanese dreams, tiny loving soups, American spoon reforms, Taiwanese leaves with clean water conditions, clean air, soil is also clean and towards organic methods with " 5 No "Including: Do not spray herbicides; No chemical fertilizer; no pesticides; No stimulant growth; Unlike genetically modified to protect the environment and nurture natural enemies. Photo: NNVN
The field is deeply arrested, there is a deep time to catch too much, so I think you think about the way of Japanese insects with soaking worms in a solution of sugar, yogurt, micro Born and deep to build drugs. This medicine when spraying up the leaves does not die but will hurt abdominal pain, stop eating vegetables, lies to wait for cocoon. In once in spraying like that, she suddenly saw a man who stopped on the roadside, withdrawing the phone to prepare to spin.Nhanh as lightly, she ran to the phone and asked: "What are you doing position?". "I turned on her deep spraying", the man replied. Seeing that, did you say: "Do you know what I sprayed on vegetables? It is not a common drug commonly toxic, don't believe it, I drink it, I drink it. Thanks to safe production from its own minds, the output of the British cooperative is 16 kindergartens in Dan Phuong district and the chain of clean shrimp food stores, with 6 zeal markets in the region. On average, 5-6 tons per month with the selling price of VND 40,000 - VND 50,000 / kg, revenue reached VND 150 million / sao. Ha Noi and neighboring provinces still have a great demand for numbers. The amount of vegetables is safe but they have yet to meet the guests' orders. So next time they plan to hire more land to expand production and build a farm model to combine eco-tourism and experience. However, difficulties in capital are hindering that plan, if access to preferential loans, your cooperatives will also grow faster.

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