From August 17, 3 Children Like Fish Meet Water, Career, Soaring

From August 17 onwards, these armor things are unexpectedly lucky in career as well as life.0: 00/2: 32 years of southern-year-old Tuat who are honest, frankly, why say that . This is the advantage but is also a drawback that makes it easy to lose others. People who age need emotions, keep in harmony with everyone. The part of the immortal year people often have a young age

. They have to go through many ups and downs, have to change many jobs as well as workplaces. Their fortune at this time was not plentiful. They continued to meet bad things, even suffer from bankruptcy, pouring
However, to the Middle School, their name is the name, their career goes up. Although it is not too successful, they will have a stable job with a plentiful source of revenue. From August 17 to the end of August, the old man who experienced many ups and downs, the fortune since it is also aware of it clearly. This armor has a lot of luck in work and career. They have more opportunities for advancement, the work is also sailing, more windy. People who are trying, trying their best, so their income also increases clearly, the property also increases folds. The abuser is honest, straightforward, why say that. (Artwork) The age of the porosity age is known for the gentle, kindness, gentle, content. When they saw others having trouble, they were ready to help. They have a hearts of goodness, or doing good work, the more and later getting more newspapers
This person is loved by many people so many friends. They have a large relationship network so anywhere have you. Recent times, this person meets many cases. Due to the exterior effect, this armor's job is quite stalled. They have lots of honey as well as many competitors at work. However, people who are young are not so discouraged. They are always trying to rise, step by step seeking opportunities for themselves. People who are well known for the gentle, kindness, gentle, and content. (Artwork) From August 17, the age of Hoi can take great levels of the career. Working hard, trying your best, this armor will achieve high achievements, granted above. Business people are also supported by many customers, revenue thus skyrocketing. The age of Ngon Ngo Ngo Ngo Hao, likes to freedom, but does not like to force. They are suitable for creative thinking jobs. Not only that, this armor has delicate, very sensitive business in business. They know that they look far away and usually the major investors. From August 17, this age was broadcasted by a wealth, a more abundantly sight, the career thus also advanced outstanding . They found more opportunities for themselves. Thanks to the non-stop efforts, this armor gradually rises, making money in full of bags. * Information in the lesson, refer to Quynh Trang / according to Sohu

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