From December 31, What Should Atm Cards Note?

According to Circular 41/2018 / TT-NHNN of the State Bank (SBV), after December 31, 2021, word ATM cards will not be accepted at transaction points nationwide.0: 00/2 : 28 Namtheo roadmap proposed in Circular 41 / TT-NHNN of the State Bank, until December 31, 2021, the entire payment card is circulating for Vietnamese card issuers must comply with Basic standards of domestic chip cards. Therefore, from March 31, 2021, banks have terminated the issuance of magnetic cards, converting to domestic chip cards to ensure the implementation of the roadmap. New here, based on Circular 41/2018 / TT-NHNN, many banks in Vietnam have officially sent notice to users about the ATM cards will officially stop support and are not accepted at transaction points nationwide since 31- 12-2021. The new chip attachment still has the same size as the old card, with a length: 85

.60mm x width: 53.98mm. But the ATM card with a higher security chip than the old ATM card because the old ATM card receives information with a range from the back and is not encrypted
The chip card with the chip is on the front of the card to encrypt information to increase data security. Personal information will be encrypted with a binary number of computers and continuously changed. Illustration / photo: Vietnam Besides, the new chip card will contain higher security technologies to ensure Guarantee benefits for users. In addition, in addition to conventional trading features, the ATM tagging cards of the banks are still adding the payment feature not exposed to identifying the wave column icon on the front card. There are 3 common ways To change the word card to the chip card. Firstly, customers only need to bring CMT / passport / citizen cards valid to the bank's trading point and suggest switching from word cards to the chip card. Second, customers can access digital banking applications, Mobile Banking to implement and receive a card at home or at the bank's transaction point. Thirdly, guests can change card cards to chip cards in multi-purpose ATM trees, Livebank trees. Reality, since the beginning of this year, banks have terminated the issuance of word cards, most banks are free for This service last time and many banks are still free. After a free time, the customer will perform a card change from the chip card with a similar fee for normal card exchange fee and depending on the regulations of each bank, the most common is 50,000 VND / time

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