From Hate Love, Thanh Van Received The Proposal Of Duy Duy

Knowing Thanh Van likes the romance, Duy Duy has prepared a romantic scenery right in his house to propose Thanh Van and she agreed.0: 00/1: 30 Nam in a close conversation Hoai Thuong, Khanh Ha was extremely expected to be a parallel sister of Khanh Bang.Ho Thuong also mentioned that he didn't remember anything about the past but she loved her foster mother. Although she was not as clear as ordinary people but loved and taken care of her with the love of a mother. Photo: Golden Lotus Two decisions to verify everything to do so I can find the source of the country

. Angry with daughter's decision. She called the Khiem to learn everything. And even if the chief affirmed him and Thanh Van broke up because she didn't match, she still seemed to suspect Khiem covers for Thanh Van
Van Thich Romance, Signing Only Try to prepare a romantic setting right in his house to propose Thanh Van and she agreed. Thuy is extremely happy to know Thanh Van agreed to be a wife Duy. She wanted to follow Thanh Van and Duy Duy to the countryside to visit her mother to persuade her idle accepting this marriage. Yinan agreed to the marriage of the Duy. Duy, startling and wanting to advise his brother, so calmly see everything more clearly. Hatred to kill the father, the hatred is not hatred to just make the exhauster to hate to hate Duy Duy.Ba Thuy happy to see Thanh Van and Duy Duy has become a pair. Will face? Invite the audience to see the next movement of Vietnamese film gambling love broadcast at 20 hours from Monday to Saturday every week on THVL1 channel.

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