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After giving birth and raising the guy to attend the age of preschool, Ms. Jiang rushed, fascinated, there was a soybound. In the morning, every mirror was once she turned to glarge at him to collect her husband, but heard the lingerie forgotten. (Artwork, from Dan Tri). One time she saw her eyes on Ti Vi watched the model girls with a sexy round, she was bloody, muttering: "In the past, I was as poor as the other model girls

. Not over because of this new child. "There was a time when he was watching the fashion show with her father, she screamed:" Not sympathetic, it's just looking at the girls. I can't stand it, do you turn off the television
I'm ugly because anyone "The autumn hurries to hand the tv to the tv broke both cups of drinking water on the table, but quickly regain calm:" Who said anyone. Just worried closely "." Thien Ha blocked the story, I didn't believe, "Ms. Giang responded again. Jinglebar, Ms. Giang became self-sufficient, less dare near her husband, so my husband's love is no longer as salty as before Another. If this situation persists when the family breaks happiness. Thinking that, she decided to refurbish some areas on the body. A morning she told him to collect: "From now on he got up early I went to school, afternoon to school to pick me up and cook. I have a busy town
"The district town, she went to a private aesthetic surgery facility who looked sloppy as a restaurant. An employee of the Lieman runs to marketing: "I do the aesthetic from my feet to teeth, quality guaranteed and where to be cheaper than you." "Do I see here to make your teeth?", Ms. Giang ask again. The staff is gentle: "This is just a facility. Make your teeth in n Type. Doing some other parts, they combine with other facility. Come like smoking belly fat, breast augmentation, nose lift ... We can do it all ".Nghe greeting smell, she decided," banged "more than 50 million into the mouth to cover the bright white porcelain instead of the teeth Dull color. Next, she gave her eyelids, tattooed lips, tattooing and planning to smoke belly, breast augmentation. "If you do all, take 200 million dong. But the shelf. My house is so bad that. Obviously, it is okay. "For more than 1 week, she went to see his wife early in late, afraid of the kitchen, until now he told him to know. Staring, her lips, her eyebrows were swollen as a sealed banana fruits, so the dog farm did not realize, just barking. She went to the bed to groan the huh, but it still didn't forgive. "I have a bad critic, the old man is not so modern. Return to him on the old face, "he was worried about telling his wife. Ms. Giang dared to spend money on the beauty salon to quickly make the village sisters in the village, the neighborhood in Cho spread. The sisters of U40 are also shocked, the face is heavy with her husband, demanding selling pigs and chickens to go to the district once. But since the new appearance, Ms. Giang is no longer earned to the district to attract belly fat with lift Chest again. Her eyelids are now too big, making every time he laughs, look like 2 tiles on their faces. And the oldest eyebrows on the old days were stiff, loudly like 2 buffaloeches. Today I'm afraid, at least the road ... suddenly, English collected from the beginning of the lane: "This work is boring too wife! I don't know how to lose all the losses. "She put it out:" Or because I fix my eyes, lips, you affect feng shui doing her husband's business. Just wasting money, both in pain, both more bad ... from now, please leave the salon ". Her eyes are drooping, but your eyes are still screwed on the forehead, it's hard to see.

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