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Coming to the religion sooner or later is the charm, not sure if it will not be first and then will not be later. "One time the Buddha dulated at the pole, in Dai Lam. -Gi, only some women followed and he are in front of those women, from the pallet. Female, like the King of King. Idy, Australian-old head, drinking drunkenness, removing those women to stay there, goes into Dai Lam

. At the leader of Australia-old drunk, the word Dangerous Seeing the Religion in the middle of the forest, Doan Chanh is like a beautiful moon in the middle of the stars, brilliant brilliant light, light like a golden mountain, full of good generals, dangerous gods, universities static, not prevented, achieving the overpowerment, the mind is absent from wearing quietly wearing. Head of the Buddha, immediately the wine province. After the province of wine, Australian-old Head to the Buddha, bowed his head The ceremony at the Buddha's feet and then sit aside
At the side, Germany Ton Luan Dharma for him, promotion, encourages Level, make happy. After countless means of lectures for him, the teaching, encouragement, making it already, as the practitions of the Buddhas, first of all talking about the Chanh Dharma for the successful listener; ie talking about the gender, about the gender, saying the dharma, birth of the birth is a sturdy, samsara is unclean, jauctogenicity is a miraculous, pure queen in white. Let him give him, he knew he had a happy mind, the mind of the mind, his mind, the mind of patience, Tam Thang Tan, the most specialized, the mind was not suspicious, the mind was unclosed, capable, powered , Can Kham Tho Chanh Dharma. Then as the practitions of the Buddhas, he talked about the principal weakness, the virtue of him to hear about suffering, practice, kill, religion. : Suffering, practice, kill, religion. As well as white fabric dyed color. Australian-old fake heads, the same, right where the seat saw four holy sole, is suffering, practicing, killing, religion. The paragraph except, overcoming or, no longer worshiping anyone else, no longer in anyone, no longer hesitant, has a certain point, which is unlieply for the Dharma of the Religion, since the seat stood up , Ceremony and said that: - Bach The Ton, now he is self-regarding Buddha, France and they Bhikkhu-stilts, shouting Germany Religion acceptance for children to do pros and women; Starting today for a lifetime, apply for self-regard to the common network. Bach The Ton, from today, I would like to follow the Ton, Life took the first time to be a first-time, long-lasting ". Number 38 [Extract]) Story of Australian-old Head (UGGA) also strange
Being drunk with warm wine and enjoying the American American in the forest like a king, suddenly the head of his fake abandoned them and went to the Buddha. Meeting the Buddha he immediately won the wine, Buddha Buddha and distributed to listen to France. Hearing it immediately "see France and, the literature said, the head of the false respectively witnessed from the preliminary practice of Tu-Na-Ham. Receiving the world pleasures, suddenly the leaders want the teacher of the religion and to listen to the Dharma and then thread to the triangle. So "the most enlightenment of the time" is true. Thanks to the healing assembling to meet Buddha, listen to Dharma, it is important that the prostitution is ripe. Australian-old fake heads are one of those who have esu agent: to meet Buddha, listen to the dharma, the Holy Chief and then have to pay attention to the Rules of Tam Bao, Ladifying the Year of the Year. So sooner or later Human charm, not sure if it will come first and then will not be later. A person who doesn't know the charm should be careful, do not see the following people, including people who have not entered the religion. Because when you have a charm, understand, understand and practice fruit will be very close. Line / Enlightenment report

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