From The Real Past, The Owner Of The Charity Vegetable Stalls To Save Himself

The owner of the carbidian vegetable stalls caused emotionally when revealing the process of becoming a good person, self-salvationing himself.0: 00/4: 16 years of the last time, the story of the boss of the banned vegetable (real name is Pham Hong Minh, 37 years old) in Bien Hoa - Dong Nai always for students, poor vegetable workers who are noticed by the online community and spread widely. Especially, the words of his words are wrong but comedy Humor and charming heart made everyone laughs excited and warm. Recently, when appearing in a program, the rustic beard is confided on the "giving away" vegetable stalls and the perspective of a touching point. The steps of the Duyen Life with a vegetable trafficking for 11-12 years but also figured 8 years the beard owner started daily income to have free vegetable parts for students, poor workers or anyone needed

. Not only coming from the heart wanting to help people, Minh's mind is his long-term wish, even sometimes forgetting and missing himself. "I like to be free Duyen with the career of vegetables. First time, I earn more than 1 million VND, but at that time I played and spent money
After that useless game, I remembered my wishes. I was a student Difficulties, I have been thinking later, there will be money to buy vegetables from the house away from home, but now when the money is pepper on the useless games, hit the loss of gambling, which rends a tens of tons of vegetables. Since then I decided to change. The first I only thought to follow my hobby, I didn't think it would be for a long time, but around it was only 8 years. Free for people I'm happy. Fun. I also changed in a positive dimension so I found an interesting place. I'm just doing it to likes, but don't think charitable or anything ". because the Favorite but not to recognize anything. Photo: MCV
Rustic and funny tables are written by Mr. Minh Beard. Photo: MCV.Go.Number 8 years giving away without re-receiving, many people also wondered "where money where she kept giving vegetables". The humble beard replied: "I'm not rich but not poor. I'm joking with everyone who sells vegetables is only a sub-job, but the fact that I have small income outside, so every day I ticky a little collector Enter the sale of vegetables to free vegetables. Usually every week I have 3-4 days free, there are 6 days a week. "said that, the previous day he lived let go of life so life was always tired About both spirit, or thought and thought it was loud, then was 47-48kg. "Since I stopped the game, changing my mind in a positive way, I changed completely. There was a question I would like to say: 'The best way to treat life is to stand up and do anything That for life around, "said humorous beard. No call for donations because they don't want to" hurt themselves ". The beard confirms the source of vegetables for personal income or rarely in the first market Leave added, the rest he did not accept any money of the sponsorship strong. "There are also many people who call me to send the account number, or to the door to bring me tens of millions of dong but I shake my head Get. Because my work is busy from morning to night, there is no time and I am also afraid I don't use the money for the right purposes that people support send themselves, I do it wrong. Everyone supports In addition, the number will increase, many people will become several tens of millions, several hundred million but I don't have time to disburse that money, I took money to play the card, I would like to hurt myself, "Mi NH beard sharing. Along also revealed, you also scolded him "stupid" because people wanted to be famous to receive donations, and he sent him back. "They still tip my country to get, spend half and pocket half. Such it's not my human and I also live uncomfortable," he smiled his mind. His husband and his parents wholeheartedly support The union of the beard is in the past 8 years. He said, the first time his wife wondered, but he explained as well as knowing his body to do business, instead of playing by before, spent time at home, taking care of his family so his wife was very happy. The beard is happy when 8 years helps somewhat for the lives of difficult people. Photo: McV.nh also confided on small stories but very happy from 8-year journey for vegetables. As a single sister often came to buy vegetables and picked up vegetables, thanked the beard for him because he gathered the money to buy money for the old electric bike to school, or for a long time to get invited people Breakfast, then the ceremony - Tet Workers are rewarded with gifts and don't forget to give you. So small actions are enough to make him please. In this way of stretching this social way, limiting moves to the wholesale markets to get the goods, but he is still enthusiastic to talk to the goods to stabilize the merchant Sell, as well as find good food sources for charitable activities. The beard is looking for people to keep health to overcome this difficult period. "Those who have ki

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