From The Volunteer Of Artists To Transparency In The ‘statement’

The past days, the phrases 'statements' become the most mentioned keywords on social networks. It attracts many people's interest in charity activities of artists, while reflecting a trend of public opinion in society - the trend requires transparency in volunteer activities. Artists - A beautiful gesture is very interestingly respectful as a title to only work people in the field of art. The audience is the object to enjoy artists' art products. Therefore, artists are the people of the public

. Each of their activities often have a great influence on the public. In the past, with their ability and influence, many artists participating in social activities are useful. One of the most typical activities is charity
There are artists who do charity equal to their ability, their money silently, discreetly. There are also artists who take advantage of personal talents and prestige to call for audiences, sponsors contribute volunteers, from there, they will represent contributors to participate in lower charity activities Many different forms. These volunteer activities are often widely promoted on communications, newspapers, social networks, becoming a trend that attracts the participation of many artists. In essence, though participating in volunteers under Figure Come on, individuals or representatives of many people, discreetly or publicly, are all beautiful gestures worth praising, respectful. Looking back over, there are many artists who have actively do charity work. Typically in the Central Rain in the Central 2020 or in the context of Covid-19 pandemic booming globally, there are many artists who have not regret their effort and money to participate in good activities May many different forms. There are many artists who are only familiar with the spotlight but are ready to rain areas for food and necessities for the people. There are singers and models that are very young, they did not attach to the minds of epidemics, cooking 0 dong meals with a vow "so that the people peace of mind against the epidemic". There are also ready-to-carry artists who bring small children, single-anchor and matters when they lose their pandemic relatives .
. can be said over the past two years, how much is our country? difficult, challenge, how much loss, hurt but the true artists have contributed significantly to appending some of those losses and pains and contributing to shining a spirit of Vietnam delegation. link, stick. Therefore, the image of artists becomes closer to the people than ever! The image of charity artists has affected the affection, thinking of the whole society, forming a commune trend The Association attracted many participants. Many people have married artists, responding to artists' calls to contribute money and artifacts for volunteer activities. Many artists have raised their money to tens of billions of billion, hundred billion dong. That creates opportunities for many help, many difficult circumstances are shared. That beautiful gesture has contributed to shine the good tradition of the Vietnamese people during the past years. Many artists in Ho Chi Minh City are volunteers on the translation of the epidemic. In the photo: MC Quynh Hoa and artists such as Quoc Binh, Huynh Nhu Nguyen, Phung The Phi, MC Ly Ngo, Hoang Phi Kha ... has supported the physician forces in the testing work in many locations in the locations Table in Ho Chi Minh City. "Statements" - The trend requires transparency in volunteer activities of artists on the past few days, "Statements" become "Hot Trend" on social networks. It is the artist who demonstrates transparency in his charitable activity by the bank's financial invoice. This direction is derived from some artists being "named" when making charity. Some people think there are some artists who have taken advantage of their prestige to call for charity but do not publicize or not disburse the amount according to the original purpose ... so With its cleanness, artists have publicly publicly "statements" charitable activities. This quickly becomes a trend that many public also requires artists that they contribute to them to publicize "statements". This is a special social phenomenon that has almost previously yet happened before . If before, artists often do charity with their own amounts or if they call for charity, the scale is also small, the proceeds are not much, in addition to self-charitable self-charity Individual meaning, artists also often mobilize many people to join, with a large amount of money, the effects of communications, social networks propaganda, spreading should attract the attention of many people. That public is reasonable, because in any financial trading activities, in any field needs transparency. When volunteering money for artists, they are sent to e

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