From The Word ‘asking For Help’ Of Saigon, Netizen And Artists Simultaneously Contributed

Many netizens and artists simultaneously call for support, to help maintain life for nearly 1,500 animal species in Zoo more than 156 years of Ho Chi Minh City.0 of Ho Chi Minh City.0: 00/2: 12 namsau domains for months must close Door due to social entrance and epidemics outbreaks, Saigon Bodybie (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) continues to fall into a shortage of serious revenue. Meanwhile, it is known that the cost of paying monthly to take care of more than 1,000 animated and animal individuals here up to 3-4 billion dong. This situation is known, known about Saigon Botry Company Limited There is a proposal to support more than 30 billion VND to carry out care, nourish animals, maintain and preserve green parks until the end of 2021

.Nay after the announcement, the keyword "Save the Saigon Bottle" Quickly shared on social networking platforms. Netizens and Vietnamese artists call on people to contribute, join hands to help herbishop overcome this difficult period. With its influence, many artists have posted and spread Positive messages, attached information to receive support of Saigon Botanical Draft Co
, Ltd. so people can help them depending on the ability. As a post of a musician Hamlet Truong has been shared by many young people with the content "Botanus, where their childhood keeping is needed to help money to feed animals and plants." Share Hamlet's sharing Zhang, the wardbody is "where to keep our childhood". Phi Cong Dat with his girlfriend is Beauty Blogger Hairy also posted Story sharing about the meaningful action.Phi optical shared Support for a wardbian of Hanoi girlfriend. Besides, many young people also respond very enthusiastically, immediately "contribute to" with screenshots of support. Not only economic support Netizen also shared the articles "spiritually" took a series of love words to transmit positive messages so that everyone to join hands to help her woven Saigon. "Looking forward to children Any election lacks in this episodes "," a little contribution, hoping the children have more time, are supported about medical and eating "" of little bit, looking forward to soon to visit Baby giraffes and deer girls ".
. the above action series not only comes from animal love but also how many young people Saigon keep their childhood memories. Post with Italian message From Made in Saigon page. Screenshot. With a thickness of 156 years, Saigon Bodybie is always a familiar destination of Ho Chi Minh City people in particular and visitors in general. Many comments hopes that looking forward to epidemic early in order to have a chance to go to the tablet to visit the "small animals".

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