From Tomorrow, The British People May Be Fined More Than 6 Million If Not Wearing A Mask

People in the UK do not wear masks in stores and on public transport will face a 200-pound fine (more than 6 million VND) from tomorrow (November 30), The Telegraph News illustration. Credit: Alamytheo The Telegraph, who are challenged for not wearing masks will face a 200-board fine, increase to 400 tables if the second violation and 800 tables if the third violation, and even lice can continue to accumulate up to £ 6,400 for the worst recidivism. The fine system is expected to work like in the third national doorway and will reduce half of the fines to 100 tables He was paid within the first 14 days. Moreover, passengers traveling to the UK from abroad must be self-isolation until the negative test results return to the second day after entering Like all those who are exposed to the Omicron variant must be isolated for 10 days regardless of vaccination. Government also announced that children from grades 7 or more are recommended to wear masks in areas General of the school since today

. The rules on covering the environment in the hotel environment such as pubs, cinemas and houses NG does not change. However, unions and owners are concerned that the burden of executing the masking rules will fall into their employees. Mick Lynch, Secretary General of the Rail Alliance, Maritime and transport, said: "We support wearing masks, but there are big issues about enforcement and our members are left behind with angry passengers refusal to obey Player
"CEO of the Association of Convenience Stores, James Lowman, argues that employees and shop owners are extremely concerned about their abuse of their employees'. And social care told Ladbible: "For the new Omicron variant, the government has taken quick and definitive actions to force facial cover in some facility, including stores and on means Public communication. "Veils can protect people around you and can help prevent the spread of viruses." This legal requirement will take effect on 4 am Tuesday November 30 "

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