Front Before His Wife And Husband Find Another Woman

After divorce, she realized it was, because of his overbreak of her husband, she was inferior. When he felt ahead of his wife, he found another woman. She always attaches great importance to her family over her husband's family. From when she entered the marriage, she thought, I would never be suffering because .

.. my mother-in-law. So, she did everyone to let her mother stay away from him
She deliberately deals with her mother-in-law to avoid being bothered by her. She always raised barriers to "stop" mother-in-law remotely. Having anything, her mother-in-law can only call her son because she always has a busy experience, not listening to the phone. She always stands outside every story of her husband. Illustration. Behavior with her mother-in-law, but she requires her husband to treat her mother's mother. If her husband forgotten his mother-in-law birthday, she won't let it alone. She even asked her husband to buy a house near her native home. She regularly displayed her dining and called her mother to eat along. She never invited her mother-in-law to travel, but during the family's tour, she always had her mother to go along
Thu imported her higher than her husband so she dismissed her face. When she didn't mean anything, she shouted her husband. Many times, accompanying her husband's friends, even in front of his family, she also scolded her husband and made him lose his face. She always thought, I made money to buy a house, buy a car, make money for my child to study so of course in your home. With that thought, she was domineering, didn't let her husband a little voice in the family. She couldn't believe her husband again "the whole liver" went to adultery. Of course, with a strong personality like her, she didn't accept his betrayal. Although her husband hoped she forgive because of the weaknesses, she definitely asked for divorce. After divorce, she still thought about her husband with the worst without thinking about herself. She just thought about what I was a victim, I was hurt. However, recently, she realized, the lack of respect for her husband pushed him away from her, causing a wife's relationship to deteriorate. Now, she realized, her ex-husband was really the man she loved and wanted to mount life. However, thinking of healing, she was confused, not knowing how. Bao Khue / Vietnamese women

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