‘fuel Tank’ Kc-135 Is Almost Presented Because Of Automatic Diving

Two US Air Force aircraft 45 aircraft suddenly dive when in automatic driving mode, this incident leads to a pilot ban using this driving mode when the plane is flying at a height Under 3,000m. The US Air Force Commander is imposing a ban on pilots to activate automatic steering systems at a height of less than 3,000 m on KC-135 Block 45 oil relay aircraft, after considering two The aircraft incident suddenly dive recently. "These two KC-135 blocks activate their nasal and dive but don't have an order from the pilot, in which a flying in a height of 600 m, The other is preparing to land, "the US Air Force Commander said. In both incidents, the pilot cannot disconnect the automatic steering system with a button or a throttle increase or position adjustment The rider. The US union does not disclose how long the aircraft is in a big corner or how long does it take to regain control of aircraft

. Military experts said that pilots both aircraft reorganized all r Attire luckily, because the drill suddenly dive at a low height is often very easy to lead to disasters if the flight team is not calm enough to handle. Case in the simulation chamber shows that the controller control button on the cockpit allows the pilot to prevent an unusual nasal command, but it will continue to occur as soon as the pilot releases the button. The new auto driving system is the city The key part in the Block 45 upgrade package of the KC-135 series was deployed by the US Air Force since the mid-2010, to replace the Block 40 series device with many limitations such as unable to improve itself, not only maintenance of the flight rate by or the speed of the elevation decreased
The US Air Force applied a ban on the use of automatic steering systems under 3,000 m can cause stress, fatigue for pilots to fly continuously or return to the apartment Following the extended tasks.KC-135 is one of the main aircraft in the anterior fuel forces of the US as well as member countries of NATO blocks. .KC-135 made the first flight on August 31, 1956 and was included in the US Air Force in June 1957. Since its up to now, the KC-135 has been very modernized Many times with variants such as KC-135A, NKC-135A-BCDE, KC-135Q, KC-135R, KC-135R, KC-135T and EC-135Y. Aerial oil relay KC-135 has a length of 45m , Wingspan 39m and the height up to 12m.KC-135 has a hollow volume of 44.6 tons, maximum takeoff volume up to 146 tons. Each KC-135 can carry about 90 tons of fuel. To maneuver, KC-135 equipped with 4 CFM-56 engines, each engine produces 96KN push for aircraft to reach maximum speed 933km / h , Flying speed of 853km / h
Am fly of KC-135 oil relay aircraft up to 17,000km and reached 15,200 m flying ceiling. KC-135 can reorganize tactical planes, strategic bomber and transport aircraft.KC-135 is controlled by 3-person crew, in addition to other employees to operate Aerial oil relay system. The KC-135 oil relay can be relayed at the same time for 3 fighters. There are more than 803 KC-135 with different variants built and went into service Military Chilean, French, Singapore and Turkish countries.

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